Monday, June 1, 2020

The list of names at the bottom are the only 17 students who completed the quiz and submitted it on time. No other students received credit. A second and last opportunity to receive credit for the quiz will be Thursday, June 4th between 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. If the quiz is not submitted by 3:00, it may not be graded and recorded.

Please go to and type The assassination of Lincoln.

Watch the video America the story of us: Lincoln /History ( 3 min 58 sec )

Watch the video Th Story of Reconstruction ( 8 min 14 sec )

Civil War quizzes that were submitted on time: Aya T, Omar A, Walla A, Amal A, Tasneem A, Feryal A, Fatima A, Mackenzie M, Alaa N, Hadi N, Zaid P, Islam Q, Mo Saleh, Mansor S, Christian S, Jaanaki T.

Please don’t e-mail me about why your quiz was not recorded. The only reason is that it was not submitted on time. Use the same Civil War notes to study from for the quiz on Thursday.

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