Monday, May 18, 2020

Revisit Chap. 16 “Slavery Divides the Nation” and watch slides 14-19.

Slide #14: The Republican Party begins in Jackson, Michigan in 1854. It would be made up of anti-slavery Democrats and Whigs. It’s primary belief is that slavery should not expand into the western territories.

Slide #15: The Presidential election of 1856, saw (3) candidates running on their views of the expansion of slavery. Democrat James Buchanan is elected.

Slide #16: The Lincoln/Douglas debates are for the Senate election in Illinois. The (7) debates will take place in 1856. Stephen Douglas (the one who proposed the Kansas/Nebraska Act and popular sovereignty) was a very well known Democrat while Abraham Lincoln, the Republican, was not so well known outside of the state. Although Lincoln lost the senate election, the newspapers around the country give Lincoln a lot of publicity which will get him nominated for the Presidential Election of 1860.

Slide #17: The raid on Harper’s Ferry, Virginia. The abolitionist John Brown (who had been involved with “Bleeding Kansas”) decided to attack the federal arsenal at Harper’s Ferry. An arsenal is where the government kept weapons. His plan was to give southern slaves weapons and lead them throughout the south killing their masters. Pres. Buchanan called out the Marines and Brown and (5) others were tried, convicted, and hanged.

Slide #18: The Election of 1860 started with (3) candidates: Republican Lincoln, Democrat Douglas, and Union Party Bell. When the democrats nominated Douglas, southern Democrats who didn’t believe that he would promote slavery in the west, chose their own candidate Breckinridge. Because the Democratic Party split, Abe Lincoln ended up winning the election.

Slide #19: When Lincoln got elected in Nov. 1860, S. Carolina decided to secede or break away from the country. Several other states joined with S. Carolina before Lincoln was inaugurated in April 1861. Later that month, the governor of S. Carolina ordered his state militia to fire on Fort Sumter, a U.S. Army fort. This will be the beginning of the American Civil War.

Please go to and type in Inside the Lincoln/Douglas Debate. Watch the 8 min video.

Also on youtube, type: John Brown’s Raid in American Memory and watch the 7 min 8 sec video.

In IXL grade 8 social studies. Please do #1 in section (O) The Civil War, The beginning of the war. Please have this done by Wed. at 3:00 PM.

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