Making Multiplication Fun!!!

In fourth, students learn multiplication up to 12. Learning how to multiply, sets them up for the rest of their lives, therefore it’s REALLY important to know. The trick is to make the process motivating, fun and memorable? For example, as 4th grade educators, we created centers that include different strategies and games for multiplication that you can also enjoy at home! The following are entertaining games kids can enjoy as they progress in their mastery for multiplication.

Multiplication Facts Jenga– Print multiplication facts and glue/tape them to the Jenga blocks. Have your kids stack up the blocks as they normally would. Next, as the learners will begin to remove the blocks; they must look at the multiplication problem and share the answer with a buddy. This is a great way to spend time with your kids!

Flash Card– Students can sit with a partner (parent, sibling, neighbor, friend etc…) and practice multiplication facts. Additionally, parents, you can help your child by simply throwing a set of flashcards into a bag and having your kids practice their multiplication facts as you are driving them around in your car (every little bit helps). You will be surprised how much your child will enjoy the ride home!

I Have Who Has (multiplication) Game– Parents this is another great way to enjoy your time with your kids! “I Have Who Has” is a game the whole family can enjoy. You can look online and print out free resources for this game. As you play this game you can go back and forth asking one another questions from the” I Have You Have game.”  For example, I have 4 who has 6×2? I have 12 who has 8×3…. Keep in mind, you can also create make your own visual and colorful game parts!!!

Hey parents, do you remember the 9’s trick? Another interesting way to share quality time with your child! Take a look at the image below and it tells all!

Image result for multiplying using 9's trick

Other great games/activities to consider: Bingo, creating arrays out of cereal pieces/M&M etc. Stacking up cups with multiplication facts, board game with dice and more… The list goes on and on!! The internet is full of so many FREE different resources that you can enjoy and grow from. Did I say Free? All these different educational games are a great way to bond with your child as they develop in their skills.

Have fun Learning!