March 27

Bluford Books are free online

Bluford books provide high-interest reading with low reading levels for some of our more struggling readers. Bluford has given readers free access to their books until June 19th! This is an excellent opportunity for our students to choose independent reading books that are accessible.Here’s how to access them: (please share with students)

“Prior to today, a free two-week grace period applied to all new students in the Learning Center. Starting now, that grace period will extend through June 19th. If for whatever reason students are unable to get automatic access, you can manually enter this access code for them (or have us do it for you): 31GJ-A9G1-FF8E-NUV5The code gives students TOTAL ACCESS, which includes Vocabulary Plus, Ten Steps Plus, English Plus, and ebooks of the Townsend Library and the Bluford Series, along with numerous other features. All of this content is hosted in the Learning Center. You and your students will each need an account to get it. Get yours here.”

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Posted March 27, 2020 by Amy Keith-wardlow in category "Blogs

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