Peek at the Week

Welcome Back

On Monday we welcomed Shreenidhi back to our class.  She was out of town for fun family celebrations!

Happy Birthday Kareem! 

On Tuesday, December 5th, Kareem turned 4 years old

He selected white as his flavor for the cake and then frosted it with Rainbow Chip Frosting. It was delicious!

We played “Duck, Duck, Goose!” Lots of giggles and laughs with this fun game.

We all enjoyed playing with Birthday balloons and dancing with our friends.  It was a great party!

We played so hard, some of us needed a nap.  If you look closely, you can see that Kareem fell asleep on cloud nine:-)

  • Our story this week was, Mouse’s Christmas House, by Cindy Kerr.  The children are drawn to this playful story as they follow an animated mouse through a house all decorated for the holidays.  The focus is on holiday vocabulary words and comprehension skills.  We also made mice inspired by our story.
  • This month we are working on positional phrases and the color is green.  We made green wreathes placing the candy ‘on’ the wreath and positioning the bows on the ‘top’ or ‘bottom.’

  • We started the new unit for the Unique Learning System.  The unit target for the month is Family Traditions.
  • The song “Must Be Santa” was programmed on a repeated big button for fun and to practice sequencing skills. The students loved it!

A Look Ahead

Friday, December 8th – CBI @ Life Town and shopping

December 20th – Late Start

December 25-January 5th – Winter Break


Peek at the Week


Current Events

Tons of fun this week with The Gingerbread Man “Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!”  Though not strictly a holiday story, it is the perfect story to start off a delicious season.  Something about the smell of gingerbread is irresistible.  While it seems easy to side with the Gingerbread Man and not the sly fox that eats him, we quickly discovered that none of us could resist eating the delicious Gingerbread Man when he fell into our mouths either!  We all gobbled him up!  We also went on a Gingerbread Hunt looking for that crafty fellow all over the school.

Our first clue took us to the music room where we found another clue, leading up to the lunch room…..

The lunch room clue lead us to the oven…


We didn’t find him in the oven, but we found another clue.  Maybe we will find him in the gym.

Boy does he run fast!  We can’t catch him.  Another clue sent us to the office.

Still no luck!  Another clue…check the classroom.

At last we found him!  We worked up such an appetite and we gobbled him up….yum.

We also decorated Gingerbread cookies and made real gingerbread, baking it in toaster oven so we could enjoy the smell.  It was delicious.


Letter of the Week

Our letter this week was the ‘Ll.”  We tasted lemons and made lemonade.  Fadel and Hamza did not like lemons or lemonade.  Zoe and Hanin liked it.

Memorable Moments

Cuddle Time

Zoe practicing her D.J. skills.  Go Zoe!

A Look Ahead

Friday, December 8th – CBI @ Life Town and shopping

December 20th – Late Start

December 25-January 5th – Winter Break




Peek at the Week

  • Big New!  We welcomed Ms. Gail into our classroom this Wednesday.  We are very excited to have her with us!

  • Our story this week was Five Little Turkeys  by Holiday Hands on Reading.  In this Thanksgiving story the student get to use a button to call out the food names and shout “Hooray!” There is also a focus on counting.
  • We also read interactive books about Thanksgiving Dinner  and Do  You Like it?  We have been busy cooking and eating all week long!  The children are recording their response of “I like it” or “I don’t like it” in their own books.  Take a look below:

Pumpkin Pie Pudding

We liked it!


We don’t like it!

Pumpkin Spice Bars

We liked it!


We liked it!



Peek at the Week 

  • We stared November’s Unique Learning System Unit.  The unit target is Social and Emotional Development and the theme is feelings.  Throughout the month we will work on recognizing our own feelings and the feelings of others.
  • The Core Vocabulary word for the month are ‘like’ ‘different’ and ‘it.’  This is a picture of the current communication board we are using:

  • Our interactive story this week was, It Must Be Thanksgiving by Cindy Kerr.  This playful story works on Thanksgiving Vocabulary and comprehension skills.
  • Our Big Button repeater story/song was Five Little Monkeys.  The students were the cutest monkeys EVER!
  • The color of the month is brown.  We made brown turkeys.

  • The letter of the week was “Jj.”

Fun Pictures captured this week

Hamza sitting in a

big boy chair!


Hanin soaking everything in!

Zoe rockin’ it in her pacer!

Brother/Sister cuddles

Story Time for Mariam in the

rocking chair.  Mrs. Adams enjoying

a good cuddle.

Bus Drivers

The bus drivers have completed their annual bidding and their new routes start Monday.  I just wanted to give you a heads up that your child may have a new driver Monday morning.  Some drivers kept their same route so you may see the same familiar face. 🙂