Program Explanations and Activities

The following applies to Face to Face Instruction

Program Explanations and Activities

The following pages provide a brief overview of the classroom activities to help acquaint you with our program.  Each student’s education is primarily guided by the annual IEP document and the extended Grade Level Content Expectations at the Particiaption Level through the following activities.

Morning Routine

The paraprofessionals and teacher meet the students at the busses at 7:50. The busses arrive between 7:50 and 8:00 a.m.  The paraprofessionals and teacher assist the children off the busses and into the school. The paraprofessionals maybe riding in on the busses with the students. We then assist the students as needed with coats, book bags and any other personal belongings. Hats and coats are placed on their wheelchairs and stored in the hallway on either side of the door.  Classroom staff checks backpacks for any home/school communications, lunch/snack items, formula, pumps, and/or braces.

Breakfast and Play and Discovery Time

Student that eat breakfast are transfer into activity chairs.  Students that don’t eat breakfast at school are positioned to interact and discover their school environment through play.  This really looks different for everyone! Some students move into their pacers, some move around on their own and others enjoy stretching out after a long bus ride.  

Morning Circle/Calendar Time

We use this time each day to make connections with our schedule and the calendar.  During this time, there are numerous objectives covered in the areas of math and literacy.  The students work on calendar skills, number concepts, counting, sequencing, pattern recognition, calendar word recognition, schedule, and time concepts.  Communication buttons are used throughout the lessons to accesses students’ knowledge and to apply academic concepts.

Changing Time

Simultaneously, to Circle Time, Miss Shadia and a classroom para will take turns changing each student.  The teacher carries on with the remaining students.

Morning Instructional Block

The paraprofessional will work with the students and help them with their individualized task during this time.  The teacher works with students in small groups on individualized goals and objectives.

Student Lunch Time

Lunch is served in our classroom.  The students that eat are in their activity chair and are assisted as needed.  Other students have unique nutritional needs and this time is structured for their comfort and enjoyment.

Recess or Free Choice Time

We try to get outside, weather permitting.  When we play in, some students are busy exploring and others are enjoying a good stretch in comfortable seating.  The adults in the room engage the student in play during this time. Some of the classroom favorites are ball, peek a boo, and bubbles just to name a few.  Leisure Recreation an important part of our curriculum.

Afternoon Instructional Block

Afternoon instruction stems from literacy and branches off into other core curriculum areas.  Below you will find a curriculum overview:

English Language Arts:

Students are learning functional literacy, comprehension, and communication skills in the following areas:

  • ·         Reading Comprehension: Informational text and Narrative text
  • ·         Reading Fluency
  • ·         Reading Word Study
  • ·         Writing
  • ·         Grammar
  • ·         Spelling
  • ·         Handwriting development
  • ·         Communication: Speaking and listening

Functional materials like, recipes, signs, personal information are used to address this area of the curriculum

Math Concepts

Students are working at various levels and are learning functional math skills. Students have individual goals the following areas:

  • ·         Numbers and operation:  Counting, sequencing, computation and fraction
  • ·         Geometry: Shapes and map skills
  • ·         Measurement: Time, money and temperature
  • ·         Data and probability:  Graphing and interpreting graphs


  • ·         Basic Science Knowledge: Constructing and Reflecting
  • ·         Life Science
  • ·         Physical Science
  • ·         Earth Science

Social Studies

  •        US History
  •    Ocean and Landforms
  •         Current Events
  •    History


Changing Time

Simultaneously in the afternoon instructional block, the students are changed. The teacher carries on with the remaining students.  If a special occurs during this time, the students’ bathroom needs are addressed after the special class.


Afternoon Snack and Closing Activities

Snack is generally around 2:00 p.m. At 2:20 (during winter) start getting the kids ready for home.