November 14

Week of Nov. 13th

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow, Nov. 15th, is a late start. The bus schedule will be pushed back 1 hour.  Dismissal time is not affected.

Also, we only have school next week on Monday and Tuesday.  The rest of the week will be our Thanksgiving Break.

Students that are in my math class will have a word problem test on Thursday.  We are working on finding the number information needed to solve the problem and using our math word wall to find the correct opperation.  This has been something we have worked on since the start of the school year and this will be the second time for a formal assessment of student growth.

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November 3

Week of Nov. 6th

Thank you to everyone that made it to Dearborn High last week for Parent/Teacher Confrences.  Mrs. Rockey and I enjoy the time we have to talk about the progress of our students with thier families.  If you didn’t make it in, look for report cards in the next week or so.  As always, if you have any quesions or concerns feel free to call or e-mail either one of us.

Just a reminder that this coming Tuesday is a day off for students.  This allows our school building to be used for voting.  The staff in the ASD program will be spending the day learing new skills in a professional development.

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October 5

Week of Oct. 9th

Here are some imporant dates for the month of October:

Friday, Oct. 3rd – Half Day, 10:30 release time

Sunday, Oct. 15th – Battle of the Torch, 2:30-7:00 followed by a bon fire

Spirit Week

Monday, Oct. 16th – Pajama Day

Tuesday, Oct. 17th – Tacky Tourist Day

Picture Retake Day

Wednesday, Oct. 18th – Career or College Day

Late Start

Thursday, Oct. 19th – Character Day

Friday, Oct. 20th – Black with Orange Day

Pep Rally

Football Game – 7:00 pm

1st Card Marking Ends

Saturday, Oct. 21st – Homecoming Dance

Monday, Oct. 30th and Wednesday, Nov. 1st – Parent/Teacher Conferences in DHS Cafeteria


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September 28

Week of Sept. 25th

It is unbelievilbe that this is ths last week of September.  I have uploaded the syllabuses for this semester.  Please review them.  Let me know if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them for you.

Below is the syllabus for language arts this semester

Fund of Lang A1 – narrative text – poetry, myths & legends

Below is the US History for this semester

Fund of US History A1 – 1870s to WWII

Below is the math syllabus for this semester

Basic Con Math B1 – Home Improve

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September 8

Week of September 4th

We have finished the first week of school! Tuesday, September 12th is the Dearborn High open house from 6:00-7:30pm. I hope to see everyone that night. I will have copies fo the syllabus for each of the classes I will be teaching this year.

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