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Ms. Kubicek

Dearborn High School – Dearborn, Michigan

  • Language Arts 5 & 6¬†with Ms. Polk

  • AP Language & Composition


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See you in 10 weeks!

This isn't goodbye. I'll see you in ten short weeks when you march triumphantly into DHS as a senior. I never get a chance to say this on the last day we see each other (There isn't a lot of talking during finals for some reason.) but I just wanted you know it has...

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Required Summer Reading

Not only do you get to read this summer, you will get a grade for it in the fall! Woohoo! Read a couple of books this summer and then be prepared to answer a few questions about the book when you return to school in September...10 short weeks from now.   Need...

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You got your SAT score. Now what?

Many students were able to see¬†their SAT scores this week at the College Board website. Scores that aren't available yet should be very soon.   So what's a "good" score?   Want to take the SAT again? You can!   Now is the time to begin filling out the...

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