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   Jun 06

Snow School Field Day!

A note from Ms. Zechar and Mr. Moyer:

Hello, Snow School Community!!!!

Field Day 2017 is Friday, June 9.  We still have room available for volunteers if you have some time to help out.  The link to Sign Up Genius is

Kindergarten through second grade, and MOCI students, will enjoy the morning games, 9 am-11 am.  Third through fifth grade students will have an afternoon Field Day, 1 pm-3 pm.  Everyone will have their normal lunch time.

Field Day t-shirts are due in Thursday– close!!, due to the new computerized printing system at the company we used.  If you ordered a shirt and it doesn’t come home Thursday, students will get them Friday morning and can change into them at school.  If shirts weren’t ordered students can wear any Snow Spirit Wear or any school appropriate shirt.

 We are asking everyone to bring a water bottle, names on them please, which can be refilled at our rest station.  Students are welcome to bring a snack and fruit will be available at the water/rest station.

Questions? Please email or call Mr. Moyer,, or Ms. Zechar, Keep positive thoughts for great weather!

   Jun 05

Take Home Reading Book Bags

Good Afternoon!

I did not send book bags home with the class today.  We are trying to get them all collected for the end of the year.  We have several students that have not brought theirs back in quite a long time!  These books are used every year for every classroom so it is important that we get them back.  If your child hasn’t returned their book bags with their books please start trying to locate them.  Looking for them might lead to an awesome adventure under the bed or in the closet…….:)

Have a great afternoon!

   May 30

ABC Countdown Update

Good Morning!  I just have a quick update for ABC Countdown.  Wednesday is “N” day for No homework!  I will give a homework packet but it will be minimal because of our short week and for no homework day.  Thursday is “O” for Off with your shoes!  We will take our shoes off for the last hour of the day.  Friday is Pajama day but we are not participating in pajama day because we are going to the zoo.  Please dress your child for the zoo, as of right now, we are expecting a high of 77 degrees and spotty thunderstorms.  Thank You!!

   May 23

Kindergarten Picnic

Hello! Our kindergarten picnic will be on Tuesday, June 13th from 12:45-2:15. The picnic is held on the kindergarten playground.  The students will not eat lunch in the cafeteria on this day, we will all enjoy lunch together outside.  All are welcome, so please feel free to bring siblings, grandparents, etc.  I have included the link below to sign-up for food if you are interested in doing so.  Please bring blankets, camping chairs, outdoor games, or anything else you feel would be a good addition to our picnic.  Food items can be brought in the morning or when you arrive. If you are willing and able to come a little early to help set-up, please let me know 🙂

This year, we are combining our picnic with the Teachers vs. 5th Grade Kickball Game, which will begin at 2:30 on the field that faces Houston Street. You are all welcome to attend the kickball game as well!  Thanks again for ALL you do!!

   May 17

Parent Survey

Dear Parent/Guardian,


Snow ES and all Dearborn Schools are involved in an ongoing continuous improvement process, of which parents and guardians are an integral part. Snow ES is using the AdvancED Parent Survey as a means to elicit your opinions to help target areas for the school system to improve and areas to continue to be effective. Your opinion is important to us, and we ask that you take the time to complete this survey. The online survey will be available from 5/9/17 to 5/31/17. In order to complete the survey, please click on this link:

Please be assured that your responses to this survey will be anonymous and your honest opinions are appreciated. If you have any questions about this survey, please contact your school principal at  Thank you in advance for supporting Snow ES improvement efforts.

Your cooperation and support in completing the parent survey will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely,


   May 15

Leadership Oppurtunity

Sunny and warm weather are here! As part of Snow Elementary Leader In Me Program, we are asking you, our fabulous students, to reach out in our community to help others.  If you’d like to be a part of the May Plant-Up Club, simply volunteer to help plant-up a neighbor’s, relative’s or your very own yard.  “Plant-up” could include helping plant flowers, vegetables, or preparing garden beds for future flowers and veggies.  Please be sure to have a parent with you and get permission of the community member before planting up.  You are giving back to the community, so please offer to do this free of cost.

Each time you help “plant-up” someone’s yard, write the date and color a square on the chart given to you by your classroom teacher. Once you have helped 5 times in the community, please return this chart to Ms. Krawczyk, Mrs. Bush or Mrs. Grizzell for acknowledgement of your leadership and kindness.

A special thank you to all students who have helped so far: Aasim M., Farah F., Zoe D., Hasan, Kayla J., Ahmad J., Molly S., Ryan R. and Ahmad A.

   May 10

ABC Countdown Sign-Up

We have a few food item days during the ABC Countdown time period that I have created a sign-up genius for.  If you are able and interested please click on the link below and sign up for one of the days!  Thank you ahead of time for your help!

   May 08

Dates to Remember

I just wanted to put out a few dates so that you can reserve them on your calendar if you would like to!

May 17th: Kindergarten Talking Zoo 3:15 p.m.-3:30 p.m.  Come see all of the wonderful research and writing your student has completed on their Rain Forest animal!

June 2nd: Field trip to the Detroit Zoo.  Permission slips will be coming home tomorrow and they are due back with payment by May 19th.

June 13th:  End of the year Kindergarten Picnic 1:00-2:15.  The students will not eat lunch in the cafeteria on this day.  We will have a picnic lunch with them on the playground.  We will be setting up a sign-up for food and drinks as the date gets a little closer.  Families are welcome to come!  We are combining the Kindergarten Picnic with the Teachers vs. 5th grade Kickball Game this year.  The kickball game begins at 2:30 on the field that faces Houston Street.  Everyone is welcome to attend the game as spectators as well!


   Apr 18

Book Bags for Reading at Home

Please remind your child to return his/her book bags to school with them every day.  The books that are in the bags are books I use with them in our small groups during daily 5.  Once again this is very important and I cannot teach the planned lesson with your child’s reading group if they do not have the book we are currently working with.  If your child does not bring their book bags to school with their classroom books in it, I will be changing their color.  They start every day on the color green showing they are prepared for school and making good choices. If they do not have their book bags then they are unprepared.  Please help me strengthen their independence and responsibility skills!

   Apr 18

Picnic Raffle Basket

Good Morning! Every year for the school picnic, each grade level does a themed basket to be raffled off. The kindergarten theme this year will be Family Fun. If you would like to donate items, please send them to school with your child by May 2nd. These items can include anything a family can enjoy together: games, toys, books, movies, snacks, outdoor items, etc. Thank you again for all you continue to do.

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