Peek at the Week

Current Events

Our letter this week was the letter ‘Gg.’ Henceforth, we had a ghost theme!  We played ‘Ghost’ and we each made a ghost.  There was lots of ‘Booing’ going on.

Our story this week was the interactive story of  The Tiny Ghost by Cindy Kerr.  It is a story about a teeny ghost whom is learning what Halloween is all about.  The children must find the Tiny Ghost to continue on with the story.  Our Big Button Poem was 5 Little Pumpkins sitting on a Gate and our song was There’s a Spider on the Floor by Raffi.  The students giggle and laugh as we practice body parts with a spider puppet as the song plays.  We also took time to play in the leaves over the past couple of weeks and make owls for our classroom door out of leaves.  They turned out super cute!


Halloween Plans

We will be going by bus to the Administrative Service Center to go Trick or Treating this year.  We will leave around 12:45 p.m. and return when we are finished.  Please send in your child’s costume clearly marked with their name.  We will help the students get dressed.  We will be going on Tuesday, October 31st.

Dates to Remember

October 31st – Trick or Treating

November 3th – ½ day of school

November 7th – No school

November 15th –Late start

November 22rd-26th – No School

Parent Conferences

Parent Conferences will be held on November 9th, 15th and the 16th.




Down On The Farm

We had a perfect day at the Real Life Farm yesterday!  First we visited the big red barn.  We learned from Farmer Aaron about the goats, sheep and pigs and then we got to feed them.  We fed the babies with bottles of goat’s milk and the adult animals with sweet grain feed.

Then we milked the cow and met all the other baby kittens, rabbits, ducks, and chickens.  We wanted to bring home a kitten for our school pet!


Then we rode horses!  It was so much fun and everyone did it!


After Lunch we went on a hayride!  It was so fun.

Weekly News

Peek at the Week

  • We started the Unique Learning System  unit on Monday for the month of October.  The unit topic is animals and the theme is Pets are Animals.  The students are learning all about pets.  In this unit’s Leveled Book, A Trip to the Pet Store, Johnny wants a new pet.  Johnny sees many animals at the pet store that can be his pet.  What pet should Johnny choose? If you have a pet and would like to share a picture with us, we will add it to our pet board located outside our classroom.
  • Our interactive story this week was Old McDonald Had A Farm  by Carol Jones.  This delightfully illustrated book is a simplified version of the classic children’s song.  It highlights the following animals: dog, chicken, duck, pig, sheep, cow and horse.  A Big Mac repeating button is programmed to match the illustrations so the children can tell the story.  They also enjoyed singing the song, I Took A Trip to Grandmother’s Farm using a repeating Big Mac.   We also used our new core vocabulary words, “I” and “see” as we explored the farm animals.
  • Our letter this week was the Letter ‘Dd.’  We made dogs out of the letter D, sang songs about dogs, and read books about dogs too.  We had many giggles and laughs with Snap Chat as we each turned into a dog with this silly app.  Look how cute the pictures turned out.



A Look Ahead

Tuesday, October 10th-Field Trip to Real Life Farm

Friday, October 13th – 1/2 day

 Wednesday, October 18th – Late Start

Tuesday, October 31st-Trick or Treating at Administrative Service Center


Weekly News

A Peek at the Week

  • Our story this week was The Hungry Caterpillar  by Eric Carle.  The students loved feeding the caterpillar all that food as we tried to fill him up.
  • Our letter this week was ‘Cc.’  The students voted on what kind of cupcakes we would make, we baked, frosted and ate cupcakes.  They smelled so good and tasted awesome!
  • We practiced  the core vocabulary words I and Want.
  • We practiced our math and reading skills
  • We played!

Pictures of the Week



Open House was on Tuesday evening and I had the pleasure of meeting Mariam’s family.



Peek at the Week

  • The theme this week was Bears for the letter ‘Bb.’
  • Our story this week was, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?   by Eric Carle.  This predictable pattern book is a classroom favorite for practicing colors, animals, and sequencing. The students enjoy telling the story with the use of a big button.
  •  We went on Bear Hunts using the song, We’re going on a Bear Hunt by Greg and Steve.  The students love this action packed song.
  • We made and ate Bear Biscuits.
  • We practiced  the core vocabulary words I and Want.  

Pictures of the Week

Weekly Update

Current Events

It has been a busy week full of fun and learning.  The students are all doing great!  Our story this week was Mat Man which goes with the Handwriting Without Tears program that we use in our classroom.  The children built their own Mat Man and they turned out adorable!  Our Letter this week was ‘Aa.”

We made applesauce.  It smelled so good while it cooked all day.


We ate Apple Sauce.  It was delicious!

We also did a math lesson with apples.  We counted apples then learned about whole and halves.  Did you know that there is a star in every apple.  We made apple prints with the apple halves.  It was messy but fun!

Real Life Farm Field Trip

On Tuesday, October 10th, we are packing up our gear and heading to the farm for some hands on learning fun. We will be leaving in the morning and returning in the afternoon.  The cost is $10.00 per person.  More information will be coming soon!


Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year.


My name is Kathleen Adams. This year I will be teaching grades PreK-K for the SXI program at Howe School  This will be a whole new group of students for me.  I am excited to start our new learning adventure together.  See you soon!

Dates to Remember
September 5th -1st day of School – 1/2 day

Elementary Open House – September 13, 2017