Online Week 3: March 30 – April 3

Monday, March 30, 2020

The assignments below are for ALL CLASSES this week. They are all due by Sunday 4/5/20 at midnight. These assignments will be recorded in gradebook. If you have any questions you can email me at: wooller@dearbornschools.orgPlease go in the order that is given below.

We will be reviewing the work on Equations and Expressions lesson 16 in your book. All assignments are online, so you do not need your book. If you have your book you can use it as a resource. No assignments will be out of your book.

Monday: Go to iReady (through Clever). Complete the tutorial on Problem Solving with Equations (Optional: youtube video if you need extra help )

Tuesday: Go to IXL (make sure you sign in) Complete (7th grade) skill N2 with a smart score of 80.

Wednesday: Go to IXL (make sure you sign in) Complete (7th grade) skill S7 with a smart score of 80.

Thursday: Go to IReady (through Clever).  Complete 45 minutes on your pathway.

Friday: Make-Up Day 🙂 Complete any assignments you haven’t finished already. If you are looking for extra…try IXL C20 or work on your iReady path for 15 min more.

Again these are all due on Sunday. Parents will be emailed regarding on your progress.

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