Lowrey Middle School Eighth-grade English Language Arts Syllabus





Teacher: Mr. Wojtys


Room 234



To make the time you spend in class enjoyable, you need to follow some rules.  We expect every student to be respectful, responsible, and safe.  These rules are general and apply throughout the building.  What they mean in this classroom is as follows.


  1. You come to class on time and go directly to your seat.
  2. You have a planner always with you and in full view on your desk.
  3. You are prepared to work.
  4. You have loose-leaf, a folder, preferably a pen, dark-blue or black, or pencil, and color pencils.


The text books for this class are Literature and Write Source.


English Language Arts is designed to help you effectively read, write, speak, and listen.  To help you write better, we will focus on the six traits of writing: ideas, organization, sentences, words, voice, and conventions.  To help you read better, you will be encouraged to use reading strategies: Question and Answer Relationships, Think Alouds, Shared Reading, and re-reading.  Additionally, because of the SAT and other tests, we will emphasize grammar, especially the parts of speech.  The class is structured around the practices of Reading Apprenticeship.  The class is set up so that students work in groups and learn by working with each other.


Grades will be determined by tests (30%), writing (30%), reading logs—guidelines posted on the blog (10%), and participation—based on teacher observation of student working in a group, listening to speakers, responding to questions (30%).


Grades are scaled as follows: A=90%+, B=80-89%, C=70-79%, D=60-69%, E=0-59%.


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