Lowrey Locker Belonging Pick Up on Monday June 1st- see info below:

Lowrey Locker Belonging Pick Up on Monday June 1st- see info below:

Lowrey Staff Members spent yesterday in the building cleaning out their FIRST HOUR student lockers. Any lockers that had student belongings were emptied into a large plastic bag and labeled with the student name and the name of their FIRST HOUR teacher(s).

On MONDAY June 1, 2020- we are asking students to come and pick up the belongings from their lockers. Staff members will be there to help students/family members to pick up their items.

6th graders are asked to arrive at Lowrey anytime between 10am and 12pm on MONDAY 6-1-20. 6th graders should go to the Bingham block at the back of the school.  Bags will be brought out and teachers will station themselves along the block as to not congest one area, and maintain social distancing.

We are also asking if you have any Lowrey textbooks, library books or classroom library books at home, to PLEASE bring them to return as well on Monday.

When you arrive at the school- please find your FIRST HOUR TEACHER’s station on the sidewalk- and use the number given to them by the first hour teacher.

MY FIRST HOUR CLASS- please see the list below for your Pick Up Number. Knowing your first hour teacher’s name and your Pick Up Number will help the distribution flow more smoothly. There are three students listed below that had EMPTY lockers- you do not have to come to the school unless you have textbooks/library books to return.

#1 Ahmed Aboutaam

#2 Safi Agseibat- EMPTY LOCKER

#3 Janna Alderawy

#4 Rukaya Alsaedy

#5 Dania Alsaidi

#6 Ekhlas Alwaseem

#7 Amira Bazzi

#8 Angelina Bazzi

#9 Mariam Bazzi

#10 Hussein Chaaban

#11 Kelise Conley

#12 Fayad Fayad

#13 Ahlam Fouani

#14 Alhussein Ghalib

#15 Aseel Hachem

#16 Mohamad Hachem

#17 Sadiq Jassar- EMPTY LOCKER

#18 Mariam Kathem

#19 Jalal Moqbel

#20 Anwar Obad

#21 Rana Omar- EMPTY LOCKER

#22 Wijdan Omayan

#23 Hadi Rayes

#24 Ali Saad

#25 Ghazalh Taher

If I am not your first hour teacher- contact YOUR first hour teacher for your Pick Up #

Email me if you have any questions or concerns!!

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