Tuesday 5/26/20

Tuesday 5/26/20

This is CATCH UP WEEK. Please check iLearn- scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see what assignments have been opened back up to work on. There is a missing assignment GRID with all of the assignments for this week listed, and students names who need to finish those assignments on iLearn as well. Please check the grid for your name (click below)


The first two assignments on iLearn are current, the Author’s Purpose IXL skills and a brand new extra credit opportunity about Idioms. Every other assignment beneath those are LATE/CATCH UP WEEK assignments.

Please be responsible and accountable and use this week wisely. Get caught up!!!!

We will have a quick BIG BLUE BUTTON meeting tomorrow WED 5/27 at regularly scheduled times. Please see the top of my ILearn Page for your class time and link.

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