Wednesday 2-13-19

Wednesday 2-13-19
The Poetry and Imagery Test is tomorrow. Study using your Study Guide, blog links and flashcards. Fig. Lang. will also be part of the test.
Tomorrow 2/14 is a half day- students are dismissed at 11:05am. There is NO SCHOOL Friday 2/15 and Monday 2/18.
Students who missed detentions will be making them up next week. I will be in touch if your child needs to make up any detentions soon.

Study Guide and Detention Reminder

Study Guide and Detention Reminder

Due to the ice day today, the Poetry Study Guide is now due WEDNESDAY.  No excuses!  You have a whole extra day to finish!  This is an effort grade!  Use the Poetry Notes link in yesterday’s blog post if needed.

Spend some time today working on the Poetry/Imagery blog links to practice for the test as well.

The Poetry Test will now be on THURSDAY 2/14-  be prepared-  use your extra day off to study and ensure a great grade on your upcoming test.

For those of you that were assigned detention on Wednesday morning-  be sure to report to school by 7AM.  Report to Ms. Fawaz’s Room #203.  If you skip detention, you will be assigned two more to take place of the one you missed.

Friday 2-8-19

Friday 2-8-19
2nd/5th Hours:
HAIKU Final Drafts due on Monday. Send to me to print for full credit. Print at home for extra credit.
2nd/5th hours:
Poetry Study Guide due on Tuesday. Start studying NOW for next week’s test. Use the study guide and the blog links.
I called many parents about detentions next week. Thanks for your support and understanding. We are trying to mold responsible students. 
I will continue to make detention phone calls on Monday for students who did not complete their IXL skills due on 2-1-19.

Thursday 2-7-19

Thursday 2-7-19
No Red Ink “Articles” assignment- earn two green badges and finish by Friday 2/8
Journal Square #2 due Friday for check in – Use the January Grid and add IMAGERY into your writing…. use two different types
2nd and 5th Hours: Haiku Poems- Please type using the publisher link on my blog. Send to me if needed, print at home for extra credit.
Send Haiku poems to this email address if you cannot print at home.

Friday 1-25-19

Friday 1-25-19
  • A NEW set of IXL/NWEA Skill Building Skills was given to each student this week. They have until Fri 2/1 to finish all skills with 85% or higher
    Students know they should be attempting to finish 2 IXL skills per day to stay on track. Work on these activities over the weekend as well!
    All classes- due MONDAY:
    2 poems (A Pizza the Size of the Sun/ Swami Gourami)
    circle any unknown words
    do the rhyme scheme for both poems
    All classes- due MONDAY:
    Poem Analysis for Pizza the Size of the Sun
    Add any circled unknown words to your VV as GREEN words

Friday 1-18-19

Friday 1-18-19
All classes: NWEA/IXL Skill Building -Students have until TONIGHT at 11:59pm to finish their skills. Scores should be 85% or above for each.
Some students in my 1st hr said they cannot see Grade Levels- only letter levels on IXL- the following are matching grade and letter levels
3rd gr= Level E
4th gr= Level F
5th gr= Level G
6th gr= Level H
7th gr= Level I
8th gr= Level J
NO SCHOOL on Monday 1-21-19
1/2 Days for Middle School on Tuesday 1/22 and Wednesday 1/23