Sunday 3-22-20

Sunday 3-22-20



I hope all of you are doing well. I know SO much has changed since we left school on 3/12/20. I also realize that you have been receiving mixed messages about online work. Although I am not putting these new assignments in the grade book- I have been asked to keep track of who is making an effort and trying, and those who are not. I will be required to share this data when we return to school.

Dearborn has worked very hard to make sure that all students have access to technology (chromebook pick-up sites) and online learning opportunities. Although we are not meeting on a daily basis AT LOWREY SCHOOL- your education is still EXTREMELY important. I am worried that many of you are looking at this time out of school as a “vacation”. Not doing ANY work over this time off is not academically wise. We need to keep our brains working and motivated and stimulated. Your education is VERY IMPORTANT- and I am worried about you sliding backwards and losing all of the progress and hard work you have put in this year towards becoming better readers and writers.

I realize this first week off was a HUGE transition week for everyone. Families everywhere are trying to make sure they stay healthy and are prepared and stocked up in case of a prolonged shut-down. I have been doing the same for my family. I respect that- and kept the work-load light last week.

Although the due date is not until tonight at 11pm- I am disappointed to see how VERY few of my students have even TRIED to do the online work. LESS THAN 20 STUDENTS in my classes have logged into iLearn and started the short assignment I posted last Monday. I am asking you to take these learning opportunities more seriously and spend time completing them. I care about your progress and learning. I hope you can find the INTRINSIC (you could put that as a GREEN word in your VV) motivation to keep learning in an online format.

I will continue to post weekly assignments that are feasible to finish in the time given. If you work 30-60 minutes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ELA assignments- you should be able to stay academically motivated and keep up on your learning. I will also continue to keep track of who is and who is not attempting these assignments.

If parents or students have any questions or concerns- please email me at and I will reply within 24 hours.

I miss seeing all of your wonderful faces every day. I hope you are healthy and well. Please take your education seriously- I care about you and don’t want you to fall behind.

Mrs. Wiedyke

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