Online Assignments 3/23-3/29 2020

Online Assignments 3/23-3/29 2020
There are six short MStep reading comprehension assignments on iLearn that will open early Monday morning. You will not need a password to get into these exercises. If there is a written response required, please type in your answer, and even if it displays that the answer is incorrect, still move forward and submit. I will grade the written answers manually, the computer cannot grade those for me.

There is also a journal topic for you to respond to on iLearn this week. This is about your thoughts and feelings, and should be written in first person with lots of detail. Open the link to see specific instructions. Type out your response and submit. I will grade these manually as well.

Please take these assignments seriously, they will help keep you up-to-date and moving forward with your ELA progress.

Email me at with any questions or concerns.

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