STEAM week

Hello all,

This week has been very busy and the students have been very focused on their STEAM projects.  We’ve collaborated, built, analyzed, redrafted, constructed, discussed, redesigned, and finally presented our projects.  Some students wanted to work independently, some worked in small groups.  The choice was theirs.  They brought in their own materials and were very thoughtful with the entire process.  By the end of the week, students have learned the process of creating something for someone else; they have learned about perseverance, imagination, and more about each STEAM area.  But mostly, they’ve learned a little bit more about each other. In a week’s time, students have gotten the opportunity to really learn and understand their classmates while others are sharing their final creations. It is a wonderful opportunity to grow as a classroom.


As we get closer to our final days in June, I am reminded of how talented, intelligent, and energetic 4th graders can be. This was my first year in 4th grade and I have to say, your children have made it my favorite grade to teach!



No School next Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, June 3rd, 4th, & 5th

Full days of school next Thursday/Friday, June 6th & 7th

Full days of school Monday through Thursday, June 10th through June 13th

Last day of school is Friday, June 14th, Half day, dismissal @11:45


Have a wonderful long weekend! Enjoy the sunshine!

  • Mrs. Whitford

Last week of NWEA

Good morning!

Yesterday we began the Math NWEA test. Some students will have time to finish this afternoon.

Wednesday, tomorrow, we will begin the Reading NWEA and have time to finish on Thursday.  After Thursday, all tests should be done.  If your child needs more time for testing, they will be pulled from class next Tuesday. Be sure to check your child’s planner to see if their scores went up!

A heads up on days off…

No School Friday May 24th

No School Monday May 27th

No School Monday June 3rd, Tuesday June 4th, & Wednesday June 5th.

The last day of school is Friday, June 14th (half day, dismissal @11:45)

Important happenings this week


I hope  you enjoyed your Mother’s Day with your families this weekend.  Just a quick update on important dates this week for our class…

Wednesday 5/15 is a late start day. School will begin at 9:35 AM.

Wednesday 5/15 we will also begin NWEA testing.  We will be taking the Science test this Wednesday. We will also be taking the Language arts test later this week, Friday morning.

Please make sure your student is getting plenty of sleep and is on time to school.  I know it is not always possible, but if  your child needs an appointment for something, please try to schedule in the afternoon or more preferably after school hours.

We will take either Math or Reading next week and the remaining test the following week.


A heads up on days off…

No School Friday May 24th

No School Monday May 27th

No School Monday June 3rd, Tuesday June 4th, & Wednesday June 5th.

The last day of school is Friday, June 14th (half day, dismissal @11:45)

Just a few weeks left until summer but a lot left to do!  Let’s work together and end the year on a positive note 🙂

Have a great week!

  • Mrs.Whitford

Updated M-STEP schedule


A few changes have been made to the M-STEP calendar we sent home a few weeks ago. Each day has us testing for 2 and a half hours total, but we have it broken up into two parts per day. It helps that we have first lunch so that their big break is recess and lunch 🙂 On this Thursday, students will have PE class with Mr.Stage at their normal time. Due to this, we are starting 45 minutes later, which means we will give students those 45 minutes in the afternoon session.

Tuesday, April 30th- ELA 9:00-10:45, continued after recess/lunch 11:45-12:30

Wednesday, May 1st- ELA 9:00-10:45, continued after recess/lunch 11:45-12:30

Thursday, May 2nd- 9:45-10:45, continued after recess/lunch 11:45-1:15


Next week’s schedule:

Tuesday, May 7th- Math 9:00-10:45

Wednesday, May 8th- Math 9:00-10:45, continued after recess/lunch 11:45-12:30


NWEA testing will begin the week  of May 13th.

Field Trips

Good morning!

Tomorrow is the last day to turn in a permission form and $5 to join us on our last field trip this year.

We will be spending half the day at the Detroit Institute of Art and half the day at the Detroit Parade Company.

Here is an article giving some insight as to why field trips are vital to a child’s education. For me, it also serves as a great reminder that 4th graders are still kids and need time to be kids  🙂  Especially before all our testing begins, it will be a nice break from academics.

The benefits of field trips


Have a great day and remember, no school this Friday, April 19th.

  • Mrs. Whitford

M-Step info

If you were unable to come to the M-STEP parent meeting yesterday, today your child will be bringing home our M-STEP schedule as well as information as to ways you can help your child at home during these testing days. Please take a few moments to read through the packet. You may also want to hang the calendar somewhere in your house as a reminder. We have taken a lot of time practicing questions for both reading, writing, and math. Make sure your child is on ReadTheory, Zearn, and Exact Path when they have some time to help fill in any gaps we cannot cover in class. I also am sending a link to the State of Michigan’s parent letter. Again, we are all in this together and we all want to ensure the success of all students.

What Parents Can Do

Have a great weekend! No school next Friday in observance of Good Friday.

  • Mrs. Whitford

Spring Break

Good morning!

For Spring break homework, I am asking students to work on Module 4 of our Eureka Math textbooks. We have skipped this unit of geometry in class. However, these concepts may appear on M-Step and NWEA in May and I at least want students to be familiar with the terms and methods. Students may go on Zearn for an hour total for the break. If internet access is going to be an issue, students may work on the homework pages from Module 4 in their Succeed books, using the homework helper pages if needed. If your student would like to practice both Zearn and the Succeed book, that is also good.

Reading homework will be a little different depending on your student’s reading group. Some groups have work on Google Classroom to complete (Stink: Solar System/ Because of Winn-Dixie). Some students will have a summary paper/graphic organizer to complete (Five Brave Dogs/ Judy Moody).

We will write this all in our planners today and I will make a list of students who tell me they cannot access Zearn or the online reading work.

Thank you and have a great Spring Break!

  • Mrs. Whitford