Testing Season

Hello all,

We have begun NWEA testing for the Winter. Science testing is all done and we are currently working on our Reading test this week. Next week, students will have the Language Arts test and our last test will be Math.

Due to testing, our daily schedules may be mixed up. This may result in having a little less math homework. Since we usually have a lesson a day, it is easy to have homework every day. But with testing, our math time is shorter some days, so some days will not have homework from the book. Your child is always encouraged to go onto Zearn or Exact Path to practice their math skills.

If you have any questions please let me know.

As always, make sure your child has a good night’s sleep, a healthy breakfast, and comes to school on time and ready to focus.

Have a great day!

-Mrs. Whitford

Almost time for the holiday break!

Good morning 4th grade families,

We have just 9 more school days left until we are on our holiday break!

The last day for students is Friday, Dec. 21st. We will return to school on Monday, Jan. 7th.

A few things we are going to wrap up before holiday break:

Math) Multiplying multi-digit numbers using the area model, partial products, place value charts, and then adding in the standard algorithm. The new math program really does a nice job of describing and showing us why we multiply the way we do before just stating facts and having us memorize them. This math is very different than even the way I learned it, but I am glad you all have been patient and continue to encourage your student’s math progress.

Writing) We have really taken a lot of time working on Opinion writing. If you have a computer at home, ask your child to show you their opinion on  bottled water versus tap water. This week, we’re focused on a new prompt: School uniforms.

Science) Sound waves and energy keep our focus for the next few days. We have a few more experiments to enhance what students experienced at the Science Center last week.

Reading) We will continue to work with Mrs. Alcodary and focus on how to identify the theme of a text and how we can show evidence of this in our written responses. We are very focused on getting ready for M-Step in the Spring.

The 4th grade teachers will plan on what to assign as work over break and I will let you know soon!


Lastly, our class earned our first compliment party! Students were caught having good behavior as an entire class enough times to fill the marble jar. We will plan on having our compliment party next Friday, the 21st, before we leave for our break. Congrats students and keep up the good work!

Reading Log homework

Hello, our new reading log will begin today. It is very similar however it gives exact directions on what to do each night. The backside will be done over weekends and the entire completed paper will be due on Mondays.


Spelling homework is the same.


Just a reminder, no school this Weds/Thurs/Fri. due to Thanksgiving break.


Have a great day!

  • Mrs.Whitford


Please note the following for this Wednesday, Oct. 31st


We will be celebrating Halloween throughout the day. Students may wear costumes, but no masks, blood, or weapons are permitted. Students may bring in candy to share with the class if they would like to. We will also be watching the movie Coco. A permission slip for the movie will be coming home today. We will also be doing Halloween themed math, reading, science, and writing activities.


Thanks and have a great end of October!

Colder weather


I know it was 80* last week, but this week has become quite chilly.  As the weather gets cooler, please make sure your child brings a coat, gloves, hat, and any other outdoor wear you feel they need to go out for recess.

We have outdoor recess twice a day, once before lunch and once in the afternoon. Unless it is extreme conditions, we will be going outside so please make sure your child stays warm.

Thanks and have a good day!

-Mrs. Whitford



Good morning,

A few notes about spelling in our classroom.


Every student has the same word list. These are 4th grade level words and all students will encounter them on tests, readings, and in all areas of curriculum during this school year. Practicing the words is a very important task. There are 2 components for practicing spelling that students will be expected to complete: Homework Spelling Menu and In Class Tic Tac Toe for Word Work.

Students came home with a Spelling Menu. They are to complete 30 points worth of activities over a 2 week time span. Our first spelling test will be Fri. Oct. 12th. All spelling activities will be due on that day. We will be adding spelling to our daily planner right under Reading Log. Encourage your student to complete a few activities this week and a few next week, not all at once. If they complete all 30 points by tomorrow and the test isn’t until a week from Friday, they may forget their words and not do as well had they practiced every other day.

Students are also responsible for completing Word Work spelling activities in class throughout the 2 weeks. We have a Spelling Tic Tac Toe board. Students are expected to keep track of their progress and turn this in every Friday in class.

If you have any questions please let me know!

Happy Wednesday 🙂

-Mrs. Whitford

Growth Mindset

Hello families,

You may have heard your child talk about a Growth Mindset. If you haven’t, ask! They are becoming experts!

A growth mindset celebrates the work, determination, and mistakes that are made in the learning process. It is a topic all of Maples is exploring all year long.

Below is a link to the video series we have watched so far this year to help us understand the differences between a Growth vs. Fixed mindset.



Continue to encourage your student in all that they do!

  • Mrs. Whitford

Math so far

Good morning!

Eureka Math is off and running. So far, we have used all 3 books in class and at home. We’ve also been able to utilize the dry erase boards for daily practice. If able, we would love some Extra Fine Point Dry Erase markers. The spaces to write in are fairly small and using the large chisel tip markers makes work somewhat messy and student’s are running out of room. Thanks in advanced!

A note about math homework…
We have homework in our Succeed book at least twice a week. Homework will likely be a few problems from each lesson at a time. We will go over the homework in class and students are expected to circle the problem numbers that are assigned. We will check and scan our homework the next day. Homework is going to be part of the student’s responsibility grade for their report card.

If you have any questions about Math please let me know!
Thanks and have a great day!

– Mrs.Whitford

Links to current topics


I just wanted to send you a few links to items we are discussing in class.

First, we took a few moments to talk about Sept. 11th and Patriot’s Day. Students were very respectful and wrote about someone they consider a hero. I am keeping these writings as their first writing sample. Here is a like to the video we watched. I wanted to share it with you in case you had any questions. Brain Pop 9/11

Also, we have been focused on Growth Mindset. That is something we will be working on throughout the year. Below is a link to the Class Dojo videos we have watched. Growth Mindset

Happy September!

And just like that, we are back in the swing of things!

Welcome to 4th grade and welcome to room 312.

I am so thrilled to be teaching 4th grade this year. Last year was my first year at Maples. I taught 5th grade. While it was a great year, I have a feeling this year may be the best yet! Before coming to Maples, I taught Kindergarten and 5th grade at a charter school in Taylor. I was also an instructional aide for 5 years in an elementary school. I have worked with every age group and I feel I belong in upper elementary.

A few areas to take note of for this week:
Math Homework) We will begin taking home our Math homework books tomorrow. We are NOT ripping pages out as we go. Students need to be responsible for their book. Perhaps make sure it is in their backpack when they are done with their work. Treat it as their planner, something you see every day and know that they have it with them when they leave in the morning. The district ordered just enough, so if it is lost or ruined, then we will have to talk to Mrs. Jakubik and see how to problem solve. Only 1 homework book per student.

This Thursday we have Open House. You are more than welcome to come up to our room and see what our classroom is like. You will also be able to sign up for conferences in our classroom.

This Friday is a half day. No lunches will be served, but students may bring in a snack. Dismissal on half days is 11:45.

I try to write an update Sunday or Monday and will always send a link on Class Dojo. You may also subscribe to the blog if you’d like.

Thanks for bringing in supplies! I hope your child is having a great start to 4th grade already!

– Mrs. Whitford