Ms. Werner's Pre-K Class

Dearborn Public Schools

Daily Routine 2022-2023

This is what our daily routine will look like this year.


8:35am-8:45am – Arrival

8:45am-9:05am- Sign in and Breakfast

9:05am-9:20am – Greeting Time

9:20am-9:45am – Small Group Time

9:45am-9:50am – Planning Time

9:50am-10:50am – Work Time

(10:20-10:50am – Associate Teacher Lunch)

10:50am-10:55am – Clean-up Time

10:55am-11:00am – Recall Time

11:00am-11:40am – Outside Time

11:45am- 11:55am – Large Group

11:55am-12:05pm – Read Aloud


12:05pm-12:10pm – Prepare for lunch/wash hands

12:10pm-12:45pm – Lunch

12:45pm-1:00pm – Clean up/Prepare for rest/bathroom

1:00pm – 2:00pm – Rest Time

(1:10-1:48pm – Lead Teacher Lunch)

2:00pm-2:15pm – Wake-up/SnackĀ 

2:15pm-2:40pm – Writing Time

2:40pm-2:50pm – Read Aloud

2:50pm-2:55pm – Pack up/ Prepare for dismissal

2:55pm-3:15pm – Outside Time

3:20pm-3:30pm – Dismissal

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