Care to the Core Day

Tomorrow is Care to the Core day all around Dearborn Public Schools. It is a focus on how each school is creating a safe environment for your children.  Our classroom will be focusing on how to play fairly with each other and recognizing how others are feeling. Around the building rooms will be focusing on anti-bullying, having respect, honesty, etc.  Also at McCollough, we are having a “Blue Out” where everyone is encouraged to wear blue. So if possible, please send your child in some sort of blue tomorrow 🙂 Thank you!

February Re-cap

February was a short month but we did so much during it! We had our first field trip to the Science Center where the children got to explore the concepts of electricity, magnets, pulleys, engines, weather, technology, space travel, and a lot more!

During small group the children learned about making prints of art work when they painted on a piece of foil and then pressed a piece of paper on top of the foil to make an art print. The children enjoyed seeing that the paper had a mirror image of what was painted on the foil! They also worked on their counting, sorting, and graphing skills by using different colored heart erasers and sorting them by color. They then graphed how many of each they had and wrote that numeral as well. We also learned about healthy foods and sometimes foods. The children looked in grocery ads and cut out examples of each and then glued them onto chart paper. It was a great way for them to learn about healthy foods and also work on their fine-motor skills and muscles.

During Work Time the students explored new materials and acted like budding architects in the block area! They built many in depth structures with the large magnetic tiles, one even included a kitchen and a bed for the babies. They used the magnifying glasses to explore differences between things they found in the room and one day even compared everyone’s eye color while looking at them through the magnifying glass! In the house area the big hit was the cash register. They are pretending to have a restaurant and are practicing their math skills by figuring out how much money someone needs back after buying something.

During large group we have been practicing yoga, experimenting with the musical instruments, dancing to different types of music, playing games with alphabet bean bags, and many more fun things!

During writing time we have been working in our journals and also made Valentine’s day cards for someone that they loved. Students are practicing writing letters, using invented spelling to create words, and drawing pictures that match their words. We also have been working on Read to Someone during daily 5 and the student’s really enjoy reading to one another!

Here are just a few pictures from February. Please remember the link to ALL of the pictures taken this year are in the photo album link at the top menu.



I don’t know what happened but I did have a post in both November and December containing information on what we had been doing and some pictures. I think I accidentally saved them as a draft instead of publishing them for you to see and now it seems pointless to post those since that was so long ago. Sorry for just noticing that! I feel awful about it! But as a reminder there is a link along the top that says “Photo Album Link” that contains the link to the album that has EVERY picture I’ve taken so far this school year 🙂 I know I’ve mentioned the link before but I think some may have forgotten it’s there. I just checked and there are over 700 pictures currently in the album for you to enjoy and I upload new ones to the album every week.

Important Upcoming Dates!

Here are a few upcoming dates that are on the calendar I sent home:

February 12th: Celebrating Valentine’s Day  (I will be at a district training on 2/14/18)

February 13th: Detroit Science Center Field Trip (limited chaperones)

February 15th: Mandatory Monthly Parent Meeting at 9am. Topic: Literacy!

February 19th – 23rd: NO SCHOOL – Mid-Winter Break

March 8th: Outdoor Adventure Center Field Trip (all parents welcome to chaperone!!)

Fire Department Visit!

Today the Dearborn Fire Department visited all of the preschool rooms at McCollough. The amazing firefighters taught the students about calling 9-1-1 for emergencies, having smoke detectors in the home, having a fire escape plan, and how to stop, drop, and roll! They also put on their gear to show the children that even though Continue reading →