January Parent Meeting

This is a REQUIRED event, attendance will be counted, per GSRP guidelines + administration 

We will be meeting on ZOOM this month for our parent meeting. Each meeting will be about 30 minutes long, and will be a parent-child shared activity led by the teachers. Materials will be sent home prior to the meeting. Please keep them in a safe place until the meeting begins so your child is ready to learn! You will be able to access the ZOOM meeting from any phone, tablet or computer. If you do NOT have a device to use, please let us know asap as Cotter has a few Chromebooks that can be lent out. 

ZOOM Link: 


Please click this link at the start of your designated meeting time. 

You will be automatically placed in a waiting room, and the teacher will let you into the meeting when it is time to begin. 

Meeting #1 9:00-9:30Suhaib, Lamees, Haya, Mohamed Alqetwi
Meeting #2 9:30-10:00Malika, Zeinab, Mahmoud, Mohammed Atwi
Meeting #3 10:00-10:30Saltanah, Tesneem, Elias
Meeting #4 10:30-11:00 Shada, Aylin, Sidra, Ali

Recapping the activities in 2021

I can’t believe it is already 2022! The first few months of the school year went by so fast. During November and December our classroom was lucky to have consistent associate teachers – Ms. Majida was with us for most of November. Ms. Randa has been with us since right after Thanksgiving break and she will continue the rest of the school year with us! 🙂 We are very lucky to have her and the students have really bonded with her as well.

During the last two months the students have been working hard on learning about letters – recognition, letter sounds, and how to write them. We’ve done this by having small group lessons like these: ABC stamps, sensory writing, name puzzles, gingerbread alphabet matching games, and working on writing during writing time each day. They have also had a lot of practice during work time while they are playing in the art area, book area, or toy area and using toys and games that focus on their alphabetic knowledge. They also focused a lot on literacy and retelling familiar stories.

Students have also had a lot of practice with their math skills. During small group in the last several weeks we’ve had lessons such as placing pom-poms on apple trees and counting and adding the items up, shape bingo games, creating patterns while making a candy cane, using dice and bingo dabbers to see how many dots they could get, going on a gingerbread man number hunt around the school, finding and cutting out only numerals in newspapers, sorting elephant toys by size and/or color and graphing the results, and graphing our gingerbread man cookie eating. We also count and point out numbers all throughout the school day.

When your child comes home from school they might just tell you they played or say they can’t remember what they did. To help your child talk about what they did during the day – ask them more specific questions: What did you do during Small Group today? What did you do during Large Group today? Who did you work with during Work Time? What did you talk about during lunch time? What did you do while you were outside? When you mention the different parts of our school day by name it can help them focus and recall what they did that day and help you get more information out of them as well 🙂 Please remember to check the photo album each week – I try to update it with pictures at the end of the week. These pictures are normally from small group, work time, writing, or outside time. Look at the pictures with your child and I’m sure they will have lots of stories for you! The link is at the top menu of the blog. I’ll also link it here again: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ifo7XKdXV8oYvNKu6  If you sign up for it, you will get updates when I add pictures as well.

This week a student teacher from U of M – Dearborn will start joining our classroom a few days a week. Her name is Ms. Storck and she will be with us until the end of April. She will be creating a blog post/letter to introduce herself in the coming weeks. Please remind your child that she will be in our room for the first time tomorrow as well 🙂

An advisory message from the Dearborn School Nurses

An advisory message from the Dearborn School Nurses

  • If your child and/or anyone in your household have been exposed over Thanksgiving Break to Covid, please keep your child home from school and contact the school office for further guidance.
  • If your child and/or anyone in your household h​ave ​any symptoms of illness or have tested positive for Covid, please keep your child home from school and contact the school office for further guidance.
  • If your child and/or anyone in your household are unable to pass the Daily District Screener, please keep your child home from school and contact the school office for further guidance.
  • If your child and/or anyone in your household have a Covid test result that is pending—either rapid or PCR, please keep your child home from school and contact the school office for further guidance.

We need every individual to follow this advisory message to help us mitigate the spread of Covid-19 within our school community.


The Dearborn School Nurses

Election Day tomorrow – No School

Hi everyone! I just wanted to remind you all that students do not have school tomorrow. The schools are closed for election day and teachers have some meetings.

Because tomorrow is election day I wanted to introduce the concept to students today so they can start to understand what “voting” means, even in their lives and at their ages! We started by talking about being off of school tomorrow and asked if any of them had heard about “voting” before. Then I read a very child friendly story about voting and how even at their age they may vote about their favorite things, a class pet, etc. We also discussed something very important about voting – sometimes your choice doesn’t “win” and that is okay. The important part is voicing your opinion!

Then I told them that we were going to all get to vote about which cookie was the best – Oreo or Chocolate Chip. Then after voting I would bring the winning cookie as a treat on Wednesday! All of the students got a “Cookie Ballot” and checked which cookie was their favorite and then put it into a ballot box! After everyone voted, each child also received an “I voted” button! We then counted the ballots together to see which cookie won! Oreo won with 10 votes, while Chocolate Chip Cookie received 3 votes. All of the students really enjoyed learning about voting in a child friendly way and are looking forward to having more “elections” in our classroom during the year 🙂 Below are a few pictures from the “Cookie Election” – if you click the picture, it will take you to the larger image.

Recap of the first few weeks

Hi everyone! The students have been having a great time here at school over the last few weeks! The beginning of the year is mostly about routines, getting the children comfortable at the school and with their teachers, learning how to talk to other teachers and students, learning how to do things for themselves, and learning the classroom procedures and daily schedule. We’ve spent lots of time throughout our school days working on those important social skills and all of the students have come so far in such a short amount of time. I’m so proud of all of them! Keep encouraging those social skills at home as well. Also be sure to ask what they have done at school – if they only say, “I played” or something similar, ask them questions about the parts of our day to see what they can tell you. You can say to them, “Tell me what did you do during small group.” “Tell me about large group.” “What did you talk about at lunch time? “Who did you work with today and what did you do together?”

During small groups the students worked on all areas of learning – fine motor skills, science, math, and problem solving. When they explored the different rocks and pebbles we have in the toy area with our magnifying glasses they worked on their science, math, and language skills. They loved using the magnifying glasses to see the small differences in the pebbles. They also sorted them by color and counted to see how many they had in their collection. We’ve also explored all of the different things you can do with playdoh and their tools and worked on problem solving skills with puzzles.

Fine-motor skills are very important and we’ve been working on those while doing multiple activities. They learned how to safely use scissors and the glue sticks. They each created different types of collages and now really love practicing their scissors skills. They also learned about painting with Q-tips! They enjoyed using the small item to create their painting and experimented to see the different shades of paint they could create just by using white, red, yellow, and blue paint. As you saw at the parent meeting the students also strengthened their hand muscles while making art with torn paper. They created the apple during class and the pumpkin during the meeting with you. That is a great activity you could do at home as well!

Finally, we’ve worked on our writing and reading skills every day as well. Every morning they practice writing their names, practice letter and number writing during greeting time and writing time, and also started their individual writing journals that they will use all year. Each day I read at least one or two books to the students. These repeated readings help the children to be able to “read” or retell the story by themselves! During those times they also learn how to treat books, how to turn the pages, how to read the pictures, and what the words “title”, “author”, and “characters” mean.

**Remember that the photo album link was sent through Remind but is also at the top of the blog. If you subscribe to the album, you will get updates whenever I add pictures to it.

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