I don’t know what happened but I did have a post in both November and December containing information on what we had been doing and some pictures. I think I accidentally saved them as a draft instead of publishing them for you to see and now it seems pointless to post those since that was so long ago. Sorry for just noticing that! I feel awful about it! But as a reminder there is a link along the top that says “Photo Album Link” that contains the link to the album that has EVERY picture I’ve taken so far this school year 🙂 I know I’ve mentioned the link before but I think some may have forgotten it’s there. I just checked and there are over 700 pictures currently in the album for you to enjoy and I upload new ones to the album every week.

Important Upcoming Dates!

Here are a few upcoming dates that are on the calendar I sent home:

February 12th: Celebrating Valentine’s Day  (I will be at a district training on 2/14/18)

February 13th: Detroit Science Center Field Trip (limited chaperones)

February 15th: Mandatory Monthly Parent Meeting at 9am. Topic: Literacy!

February 19th – 23rd: NO SCHOOL – Mid-Winter Break

March 8th: Outdoor Adventure Center Field Trip (all parents welcome to chaperone!!)