Monday through Friday November 16th-20th

This week in Language Arts the students have been focusing on conflict. We have discussed the different types of conflict and how to be specific when referring to conflicts in a story.

We also read “Tuesdays of the Other June”, talked to the text while we read, and explored the vocabulary terms within the story. The students were asked to write a discussion post this week about their vocabulary words and respond to a classmate’s post. Then, they had to identify the most important part of the story and explain why.

For their asynchronous assignment this afternoon, they were asked to annotate the conflicts in Tuesdays of the Other June by identifying them and explaining what they are. The students should have two of these but could have added more if they wanted.

Have a great weekend!


  1. 5 Read Theory Quizzes due Today (Friday, November 20th)
  2. Finish reading your good fit book this weekend!
  3. Annotate the conflicts in “Tuesdays of the Other June”

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