Sunday, March 15th

Well – things certainly changed this week, didn’t they? This post is intended to provide you information for how work will be given and completed over the next few weeks.

Marking period 3 started January 23, and ends March 27th. We were directed to use the grades we currently have for MP3. If your student has late work, they can submit it in one of two ways: 1) Google Classrooom 2) Email me a picture if it ABSOLUTELY cannot be put into a Google Doc. Reading Journals that are late should be submitted in Google Classroom. ALL LATE WORK FOR MP3 will be DUE BY WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25th.

Students who HAVE NOT turned in their Princess Penelope writing will need to type it in a Google Doc and email it to me by March 23rd. I will put the original paragraph (with identified figurative language) in Google classroom by 5 pm tomorrow for reference if needed.


A new reading journal will be posted in Google Classroom today, and will be due Monday, March 23rd.

There will be a summative Greek roots quiz NEXT FRIDAY (covering the material from the quizzes given on: December 13, February 7th, and March 6th). Study sheets are posted in Google classroom. YOU WILL NEED TO TAKE THIS QUIZ AT HOME. HAVE INTEGRITY WHILE YOU COMPLETE IT PLEASE 🙂

A NEW Greek Roots sheet will be posted in Google Classroom on Monday, March 23rd. My plan is to continue the quizzes every three weeks, since they are a Google form and easy to take. The sheets will be filled out with everything filled in – just make your flashcards!

This week, students will need to complete: late work, their reading journal, and designated IXL activities. A work list will be posted in Google Classroom.

In the coming weeks, students will complete activities in Google Classroom (including taking notes, completing task cards, doing Google Slides, and using coding to practice ELA skills. We will continue with 15-20 minutes of daily reading, reading journals, Greek Roots, and IXL skills practice. Additional literacy activities will be added and explained as needed.

Please add yourselves to our classroom Remind account! I will be sending important information throughout the year via Remind text. Use the link: OR text the message @h8cchc to 831-613-1863

Email is the best way to contact me. My email is:

Please check Student Connect and Parent connect frequently. Parent Connect requires a PIN number and a Password to login. Student Connect requires a username and a password to login. The office secretaries can provide you with the PIN number for Parent Connect!!

I know that this an interesting time for everyone 🙂 Please do not stress about how our learning now looks very different than what we do when we are in school. Read every day, enjoy some time outside, and email me with questions.

Below is an updated Google Calendar. It lists upcoming assignments and due dates. This information can also be found on the board in H4.

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