Monday, November 25th

We have a very short week! Just a couple of reminders (and no calendar, because it’s a short week):

There is NO SCHOOL Wednesday-Friday. Please enjoy the time off!


Students are welcome to work on their rough draft Compare/Contrast paper. The final copy will be due the week of December 16th; it can be typed. Students who type their final copy are responsible for printing it. Students can print at home (if you have a printer), at our school library, or at any of the Dearborn Public Library branches 🙂 Some in class time will be provided for writing, but students may need to work on this assignment at home as well.

Book Fair will be held December 2-5 in the Media Center. We are signed up to go as a class on Wednesday, December 4th. Students can purchase books, posters, and other items. Please send cash if your student is planning to buy things!

ALL LATE WORK IS DUE FRIDAY, JANUARY 10TH. Parents should have received a phone call or email if students had two or more missing assignments. Missing work lists will be provided by December 18th, so students can work on those items over the longer holiday break.

Enjoy your long weekend, and holiday shopping if that’s something you choose to do!

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