Monday, October 21

Why is it COLD?

Reminders for the upcoming week:

ALL LATE WORK IS DUE FRIDAY OCTOBER 25th! Some students are signed up for Tuesday ZAP to complete missing work in a quiet environment 🙂

Reading Journals from last Monday are due TODAY!

THERE IS NO READING JOURNAL THIS WEEK! Students are working on a summative writing task that is due Monday, October 28th. It only needs to be 2-3 paragraphs (10-20 sentences) in order to be handed in. Some time in class will be given to work on this assignment; however, since it is very short, students can also work at home 🙂

A new Greek Roots list was handed out today. The words are: TERRA, PORT, PHONE, TRACT. The next quiz will be FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1st.

Students will have a quiz over identifying nouns, verbs, and adjectives in sentences on Wednesday, October 30th. We do this every week in class, so students have had LOTS of practice!

Library time is scheduled every week (mostly on Friday). I am happy to send students to the library before Friday if it is needed. Students may check out 3 library books at one time. Students must have a barcode on their planner to check out a book until we have student ID’s.

Students who are one or more minutes late to class will be marked Tardy. At 3 tardies, I will contact home via email, and copy the front office on the email. At 4 tardies, students will be referred to the office AND serve detention.

Please add yourselves to our classroom Remind account! I will be sending important information throughout the year via Remind text. Use the link: OR text the message @h8cchc to 831-613-1863

Email is the best way to contact me. My email is:

Please check Student Connect and Parent connect frequently. Parent Connect requires a PIN number and a Password to login. Student Connect requires a username and a password to login. The office secretaries can provide you with the PIN number for Parent Connect!!

This week, we are: watching Pixar shorts to review the concept of plot and practice completing a plot diagram; learning about different types of pronouns and conjunctions; working on completing our summative writing assignment for MP 1.

Below is a Google Calendar. It is updated with each blog post and shows assignment due dates and upcoming events. Assignment due dates can also be found in Google Classroom and on the board in H4.

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