Art Activities

Please check out all the fun art choices in the ART ACTIVITIES section of my blog. You can draw, color and paint online. You can learn step-by-step how to drawing, fold origami or make books. Lots of different ideas for making and creating.

I miss you all and can’t wait to get back to school. While we are at home you might think of setting up your own sculpture center (like the one in the artroom) with recyclables and things you can find at home. If you practice taking care of your materials and tools, you may find a family member willing to share some special materials and tools with you.

Lots of things found around your house can be used to create. Here is a short list of what you might be able to find and some artwork made from found materials.

Paper, newspaper, pencils, crayons, cardboard boxes, paper tubes, paper clips to attach, rubber bands, tape, tacks or nails to poke holes with, old magazines or junk mail, scissors, staplers, post it notes, string or yarn, fabric scraps, old clothes that don’t fit anymore, tooth pics, wire, buttons, glue, markers, pens, labels, tin foil, and scrap paper.

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