Mondrian and Math

The third graders have been looking at artists who use math in their artwork.  After studying perimeter in their math class,  we looked at  the artwork of Piet Mondrian and various artists that were influenced by his work.





Below see photos of students working on their own artwork. Each student created three rectangles of different size but with the same perimeter. We used graph paper to help count the perimeters and adjusted the size of the rectangles accordingly. This was a difficult task as it required revision.

When they were finished drawing and measuring the rectangles, the students cut them out of the graph paper and used them as a stencil to create multiples in primary colors. The students arranged their rectangles in any way they liked as long as the shapes were parallel to the edges of the paper.  After glueing the shapes down they use black thin lines to outline some of the shapes and to create new shapes in their composition.

IMG_9045 IMG_9037 IMG_9043 IMG_9164

Making different rectangles with the same perimeters

Making stencils with graph paper


Adding black lines to the composition


Building the composition using shapes and lines



Two of the final artworks were entered into the District Wide Art Show

.IMG_8443 IMG_8444


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