Current Happenings

We have been so very busy this year.

The kindergarteners have completed a 3d project about farm animals and are moving on to exploring animals of the jungle. A couple of our young artists will have their animals in the District wide artshow in April.

The first grade have just completed a pattern project using pony beads and fleece scarves. We practiced using ABAB and ABCABC patterns. We are working on a paper weaving project and you can expect to see a couple of the best examples in the Art Show as well.

The second graders are working on creating their own personal ABC books. We have been using stencils, stamps, and collage materials to embellish the pages. We will create the covers using a Tie Dye process that promises to be fun.

The third graders are nearing the finish of an art unit on Adinkra symbols. We are using metallic colored pencils and paint to create their own Adinkra artworks. We are also using a graphic organizer to help us in writing a procedural description of the entire process.

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