Mrs. Terry – Physical Education

MAKE-UP / EXTRA CREDIT SWIMS will start being scheduled. Students know to check the black bulletin board for dates.

One make-up counts for 1 missed swim class period. If a student does not need to make-up any days they may use these swims for extra credit.

Both co-ed and all girls swims will be offered. Swims will be scheduled for both the a.m. and p.m. Morning swims begin at 6:30. Students must be ready to swim at this time. The locker room will be locked at 6:30. After school swims begin at 2:30. Students will  not be admitted after 2:30. The schedule will post which are which.


First all girls make-up swim 2/27 after school. Students must be in the water by 2:30 !

Mrs. Terry Physical Education

Completed health notebooks are due 1/11/19


Final extra credit / make-up all girls swim is on 1/10 after school. READY to swim by 2:30 or the student will not be able to participate.


ALL fitness testing must be completed in order to receive points for that test. Any test missed or not MADE UP will be scored as a 0 .

Mrs. Terry Physical Education

Monday 11/19 I will have my first all girls make-up swim after school. Students must be in the pool by 2:30. Your child should be checking the black bulletin board outside of the locker room door for additional opportunities. There will be a total of 5 or 6 all girls swims. Some will be scheduled in the a.m. and some after school depending on pool availability. Students must be in the pool by 6:30 a.m. for the morning ones or they can’t be admitted. I am required to lock the locker room door by that time. Co-ed ones will be offered and listed as well. Any swim day not made up, regardless of the reason,  will result in loss of credit for that day.

Mrs. Terry Physical Education

Tomorrow is our 10th and final extra credit/make-up run for this semester.

Swim unit begins 11/5  !!

Unless a new health issue arrives all medical excuses  / Dr. notes should have been turned in at the beginning of the school year per our policy. This was noted in our syllabus that was brought home the first week of school. Remember, any missed days must be made up regardless of the reason. Make-up dates and times will be posted on the bulletin board outside of the girls locker room. The girls know to always check the board.



Mrs. Terry – Physical Education

Written tennis test at the end of this week or early next week. There is a study guide posted on the bulletin board outside of the locker room door. This test will be added in with the fitness testing grade in an effort to enhance their fitness scores.

Extra Credit opportunities are now available. The dates for these will always be posted on the bulletin board outside of the locker room door. Students should be checking the board regularly. These runs will be worth 10 points which is equivalent to one class period. All students should take advantage of these – even those with  A’s in class.

Mrs. Terry Physical Education


All students should have brought a syllabus home for you to review together. Once you have done so your student can return it signed for extra credit. It must be returned by Thursday 8/30 for credit. They still must be returned even if it’s past the extra credit deadline!

Please pay special attention to the section regarding medical excuses as they pertain to swimming.

Tomorrow students will be expected to be prepared for class participation!