Zoom Phishing Scam

Please be aware that there is a phishing scam currently going around that pretends to come from Zoom. The scammer will use Zoom branding. The scam will ask you to click on a link that because “you Zoom account has been suspended, click here to reactivate”, “please activate your account”, or “you missed a meeting, click here to see the details and reschedule”.

These are all phony links that will lead to a fake Zoom login page. This login page is designed to get you to enter your user name and password. Scammers will use this information to log in to other services and platforms as well.

The scammers will also attempt to install malware on your computer.

Avoid getting Scammed

Don’t click on anything! (This includes links, photos, attachments, and files). If you feel that this might be real, type the URL yourself in the URL bar, use a link on the Dearborn Public Schools homepage, or a Bookmark that you have created.

Always remember to double-check the sender address. Look carefully at the sender address as we are seeing return email addresses that closely mirror real email addresses. Also, please remember that phones are an even bigger attack vector. Return email addresses are harder to see. Users on phones tend to be more distracted and in a hurry.

These steps should be followed for all email. Since we use email for just about everything, users are used to just clicking on links. Although convenient, it makes for behavior that is easy for the bad guys to exploit.

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