Chrome Extensions for Staff

Due to security concerns, Staff will be limited to approved Chrome Extensions. These will be in addition to the Chrome Extensions Approved for Students.

If you would like to request an additional Chrome Extension for Staff, please use the Staff Chrome Extension Request Form.

All Extensions Approved:

(*See Spotlighted Extensions below).

Spotlighted Extensions:

Alice Keeler Classroom Split

Google Classroom assignments page side by side with the students work.

Alice Keeler Gradebook Split

Teachers, when grading digital work use this extension to bring up your gradebook side by side with the students work.

Alternate Tab Order

Opens new tabs at the end, and snaps back to view the opener tab under certain conditions.


Create a cartoon version of yourself.


Sign and edit PDF’s.


Uses Revision History to provide a “video” of edits to a document.


Enable and disable extensions.

Google Cast for Education

Cast for Education allows you to turn your computer into a wireless projector for screen sharing from another device. Give your device a name, and invite your students to cast.


Collaboratively annotate, highlight, and tag web pages and PDF documents.
Use Hypothesis to hold discussions, read socially, organize your research, and take personal notes on webpages, PDFs and EPUBs.


Password manager. LastPass makes it easy to have strong passwords with access on all your devices! LastPass has a free level and paid levels.


Capture and share screenshots!
Capture pages or blocks with the awesome smart screen capture tool!


Quickly converts all open tabs in a window to a single tab. This can be useful to provide a “page of links” to students or for research.

WAVE Evaluation Tool

ADA compliance scanner.

(*This is what we use to check for ADA compliance. The Office of Civil Rights uses this as well.)

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