DEC 2.0

We are working on a update the Dearborn Educational Curriculum site. We are calling this DEC 2.0.

This site will provide many improvements over the current version of DEC. For example, we will be able to allow parents to view the curriculum as a Guest. The site is also much more visually appealing. We need your help to make the site as useful and user friendly as possible.

Anyone can view the site by going to the DEC 2.0 site.

  • If you use the “Log in as guest”, you’ll be able to see what is there.
  • If you sign in as an employee, you’ll be able to Enroll in the course. Once enrolled, you will see everything in the course. Please note that you must enroll in the course to see everything.

There are currently two courses available for review/feedback. Fifth Grade Marking Period 1 is our current elementary example. Biology is the current model for secondary. (Please remember that you must ENROLL to see the entire course).

Once you view the course, we’d love your feedback. We have a DEC 2.0 5th Grade feedback form set up so that we can collect your thoughts and tailor the site to teacher needs.

Our timeline with DEC 2.0 is ambitious:

 DEC 2.0 work plan to be shared with meeting participants from Nov-March/April.

DEC 2.0 committee:  elementary and secondary: goal is to finalize prototype for DEC 2.0. – Format, structure, plan to expand resources

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