Welcome Back Salina Wildcats!

Welcome Back Salina Wildcats!

Quia - Class Page - World History 1-3rd hourWelcome to Ancient History!


We will begin our learning by examining the origins of human life and the beginning of civilizations (society, culture and way of life) around the world. Many scientists believe that the earliest ancestors of humans first appeared in eastern Africa. Over time, humans spread to other parts of the world and created distinct civilizations.

In order to make your school year a success, you will need to do the following:
  1. Be respectful
  2. Login to Schoology: Monday-Friday to check for updates, assignments, Zoom meetings and discussion board topics.
  3. Be prepared:
    • Be on time for Zoom meetings.
    • Have supplies ready for lessons/assignments.
    • Submit work on time
    • Check due dates and Grades.
    • Make a schedule for your assignments
    • Ask questions: send messages or email me.
  4. View final grades in Student Connect.

Assignment/Homework Policy:

  • Assignments are to be submitted on time.
  • For every day that an assignment is late, 10 percent is deducted from your total score. 
  • After 3 days late (Day 4), it will be given a zero.

Let’s have a great year!

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