Ancient History Syllabus 20-21

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Contacting me:

  • Email only. Please try to list all your questions or concerns before you send your email.
  • You must use your school ID email 
  • Be professional, use spell check, and complete sentences. 
  • Emails will be answered within 24 hours (8am-5pm).

Social Studies Objectives:

  • Explore how social scientists use a variety of sources to investigate the past.
  • Compare and contrast environmental, economic and social institutions of early civilizations.
  • Use maps to locate, analyze and describe how major river systems supported permanent settlements, and the development of early civilizations.
  • Identify and describe the beliefs of the five major religions.
  • Identify and explain factors that contribute to conflict and cooperation between and among cultural groups.
  • Explain how the purposes served by the various types of government affected societal relationships. 

Zoom Norms:

  • Be prepared and on time every day.
  • Find a quiet space to focus with no disruptions.
  • No use of other electronics during zoom meetings.
  • Take bathroom breaks between zoom sessions.
  • Lessons will be recorded during zoom sessions 


  • This is where you will go for everything.
  • Sign in with your school id email and password.
  • You can find all assignments, zoom links, discussions, announcements, quizzes, tests, bell work, recordings, etc.


  • All work is due on time.
  • For every day that an assignment is late, 10 percent is deducted from your total score. On day 4, a zero will be given.
  • Use google calendar or other methods(planner, desk calendar) to track assignments and zoom meetings.

Chromebook Care: 

  • Keep Chromebook plugged in and charged.
  • You will be responsible for any damage to your Chromebook.
  • Please report any issues to the school office immediately. 

Attendance Policy:

    • Absences will be taken and recorded into MISTAR. 
  • It is your responsibility to find out what you missed from Schoology.
  • Be on time for Zoom meetings and in-person labs.
  • Parents will be notified if you are absent and do not show up to your meetings.

Live Zoom Meeting Agenda:

  1. Sign into zoom and wait to be let into the session. 
  2. Attendance will be taken immediately. 
  3. Bellwork
  4. Review content and language objectives
  5. Whole Group Lesson
  6. Independent work/Small groups (Breakout Room)
  7. Exit Ticket


  • Folder
  • Notebook
  • Chromebook/Computer
  • Writing utensils (pencils, colored pencils, highlighter)
100 - 90
Grading Categories
Formative Assessments 

Homework, Classwork, Discussion
Summative Assessment
Quizzes, Tests, Projects

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