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   Oct 04

Wednesday, October 4


Hello Parents

Today math was tough. They are learning to write numbers with decimals to the 1/1000 place value. They must be able to write them in standard form and expanded form – there is a “new 5th grade version of expanded form” that is difficult for many of the students. I attached a copy of the worksheet with an example just in case your student needs help, he/she should also have their “Math ISN” with them. There is a foldable with place value in it that we made yesterday. This should help. Please ask them to complete the work for tomorrow.

Spelling notebooks are also due tomorrow. If the word in the “frayer model box” is a content word then the definition from that area must be used (math definition for math word). Your student has the content definitions in a content notebook.

A letter also came home today about the Cipriano Memorial Run if your family is interested.

As always thanks for all your support.

   Jun 08

Thursday, June 8


Make sure your notebooks are completed with the fraction review.


Study ISN for quiz and finish projects if you did not finish in class.

   Jun 07

Sorry some have homework….Wednesday, June 7


Some students did not finish the “converting units” work in class so they must complete it at home—test on this tomorrow.


Some students did not finish the cards for solids, liquid, gas and plasma (Bose-Einstien Condensate). The drawing, 5 facts and 2 examples must be complete.

   Jun 05

Monday, June 5

Parents and students here are the directions for the summer homework that is an expectation for ALL students.

   Jun 01

Thursday, June 1


Most of the students are being awesome and getting their work done in class, there are a few that will need to finish the percent conversions at home.

IXL will be due next Thursday and I will give time in class for them to work however they can finish it at home. 6th grade – HH1 HH1 HH3 GG11 GG12 GG18 GG19


Reading on matter and notes – should have been done in class then we watched a short video on States of Matter and made models of molecules.

   May 31

Wednesday, May 31

Parents Ms. Dirkse would like you to  please take a few minutes to complete this survey for our school.



There is no homework in math or science.

   May 30

Tuesday, May 30

During Ramadan I will do my best not to assign homework. The students will be tired and I will do my best to respect that. This will require them to work hard and pay attention while they are in class so they can finish their work. Please talk to your student and encourage them to get everything done in class and not waste their time and I for sure will do the same and respect the season.

There is no math due tomorrow. We work on ratios, decimals and percents in class.

IXL HH.1 , HH.2, HH.3 is due on Friday.


The “Matter” worksheet is due tomorrow but was done in class.

   May 23

Tuesday, May 23

Everyone please remember the field trip is tomorrow, Wednesday, May 24.

Remember to bring a lunch and a drink (no glass bottles) also bring an extra water bottle.

You can bring money to buy your lunch or snacks – only if you want to.

Dress comfortably – we are going rain or shine so wear a baseball hat and bring a jacket or raincoat just in case.


If you are not going on the trip and plan to stay home make sure your parent calls the school to let them know.

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