Wednesday, February 20

Wednesday, February 20

Hello Families,

First I want to share that the majority of fifth graders in all of the 5th grade classrooms thought this mid-module test was the hardest test ever. It was – it was all related word problems with fractions that expected them to show their work using diagrams. I shared with the students that they are at a disadvantage with this program because they lack the background of the earlier years using it and that things will get easier. We will go over it and move on – it seems that the future lessons will use methods more familiar to them. The district is requiring us to stick with all aspects of the program because it feeds into the middle school’s new program that is supposedly similar. Please reassure your child that you understand this is a new program and you understand that they may struggle with some parts of it but they will benefit in the long run.

For tomorrow I asked the students to complete their reading notecard and the preposition assignment on googleclassroom.

Enjoy your evening.

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