Wednesday, October 4

Wednesday, October 4


Hello Parents

Today math was tough. They are learning to write numbers with decimals to the 1/1000 place value. They must be able to write them in standard form and expanded form – there is a “new 5th grade version of expanded form” that is difficult for many of the students. I attached a copy of the worksheet with an example just in case your student needs help, he/she should also have their “Math ISN” with them. There is a foldable with place value in it that we made yesterday. This should help. Please ask them to complete the work for tomorrow.

Spelling notebooks are also due tomorrow. If the word in the “frayer model box” is a content word then the definition from that area must be used (math definition for math word). Your student has the content definitions in a content notebook.

A letter also came home today about the Cipriano Memorial Run if your family is interested.

As always thanks for all your support.

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