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Summer Reading

Dear Families,

       According to Johns Hopkins University, the effects of summer learning loss can result in nearly a three-month loss in grade-level equivalency in math and a two-month loss in grade-level equivalency in reading. 

 As a result of the school shut down, estimates suggest students will return in fall 2020 with roughly 70% of the learning gains in reading relative to a typical school year.  However in mathematics, students are likely to show much smaller learning gains and in some grades, nearly a full year behind what we would observe in normal conditions. In order to close the summer learning loss gap in reading and math, students should be reading on a daily basis and or completing math activities. Below are some activities you can do:

  • Raz Kids – – Many great books to read!  
  • Zearn or Zearn Packet
  • Eureka Math Resource –   Find Knowledge on the Go, then click Access Free Resources.  Click your grade or the next grade!
  • Read at least 20 minutes each day
  • Summer Packet

Thank you so much for supporting your child’s development through summer learning. Have a wonderful summer!

☀️ Ms. Gerardo

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Student Gifts Delivery

I got all the students something small and will be driving around dropping them off on Thursday (6/11) between 2-4pm. If your address has changed from the one on file please let me know so I’m not driving to the wrong house.

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Online Learning: Week 6/8

Happy Monday! I can’t believe we have arrived at our last week of Kindergarten. This was by far not how anyone planned this year to go but we made it!


  • If you weren’t able to pick your student’s belongings last week make sure to check out Ms. Tiba’s post about pick up this week.
  • We will have our last Big Blue Button Hangout on Thursday, June 11th at 11am. I hope everyone can make it to wish our fellow classmates goodbye for the summer.

Here are videos/ virtual trips you can do:


Have a wonderful week! See you all Thursday! 💜 Ms. Gerardo

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Big Blue Button- 6/3 Cancelled

Hello Families,

I’m sorry to say that I have to cancel the Big Blue Button meeting we have planned for tomorrow 6/3 at 1:30pm. Sorry, it’s such short notice but something came up today and I feel that it’s not fair to you all to move it up to an earlier time. We will just schedule another one for our last week of school.

Thank you for being so flexible. 😊 Ms. Gerardo

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Message from Ms. Tiba

Dear Parents,

As the school year is coming to an end, we wanted to take this time to thank you for all of your continued support and understanding.  None of what we have accomplished could have been possible without the strong partnership we have as a community.  

Our plan this week is to have a day for material pick-up and drop-off.  The day is currently planned for Thursday, June 4th in the afternoon.  In order to maximize safety, we have assigned timings based on your child’s last name.  If your child’s last name begins with the letter A-M, the pick-up/drop-off time will be from 12:00-1:30pm.  If your child’s last name begins with the letter N-Z, the pick-up/drop-off time will be from 1:30-3:00pm.

We ask that students do not accompany adults and that we practice safety precautions at all times.  Please plan on coming with a mask on, practice social distancing and come in to pick up items and leave immediately.  We greatly appreciate your support in keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Below are a few important pieces of information to be aware of:

  • Pick-up/Drop-off will occur on the South Playground (near Myrte).  
  • There will be an area marked for each classroom teacher.  Student materials have been placed in brown paper bags and extra material in a plastic bag ready for pick up with your child’s name.  There will also be a basket with the teacher’s name there for you to drop off any classroom books/materials.  These items should be placed in a bag, clearly marked with your child’s name.  Please remember, some students have lots of items, so come prepared.  
  • In the lot, there will also be bins for you to drop-off:
    • library books
    • musical instruments
    • safety belts
    • service squad pins

Please clearly mark your child’s name on these items by either placing them in a bag or using a piece of masking tape.  

  • There will also be a table to pick up your child’s medicine, anything left will be disposed of according to policy.
  • If you have been collecting pop tabs, we will also have the box outside to collect those pop-tabs.
  • Yearbooks and Spring Pictures have come in, there will be a table set up for those.  5th graders will get their yearbook in their promotion bags.

Since this will all occur outside, we are hoping that the weather cooperates.  If things change, we will let you know.  

Have a wonderful day!

Ms. Tiba


Online Learning: Week 6/1

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a restful weekend. I can’t believe its already June! I have attached the weekly schedule.

Week of 6/1 Schedule

We will have a Big Blue Button hang out again this week. On Wednesday, June 3rd at 1:30pm. Here are the instructions to login. To those who were able to join us last week, thank you. This is still a new site to me and there have been several glitches so thanks for being so flexible.

This is the last week Mrs. Muston and I will create new content for students. Our last week of school is next week and we will just be providing some review material. That being said the last day to turn in assignments for them to count towards the 4th card marking is Friday, June 5th. I mentioned a couple weeks ago that each week, I record the assignments “turned in” on Google Classroom. My options to choose from are “all, most, some or none” of the assignments are being completed. Which will show up on report cards as either Meeting, Progressing or Limited Participation in each subject.

**Last reminder: When completing assignments on Google Classroom make sure you mark them as turned in. Even if you are sending me a picture on Remind or an email.

Have a wonderful week! Stay strong we are almost at the finish line.

Stay safe! 😊 Ms. Gerardo

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Online Learning: Week of 5/25

Happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day and Eid Mubarak. I have attached the weekly schedule for the week.

Week of 5/25 Schedule

Exciting news this week. We will have a whole class meet on Thursday, May 28th at 1:30pm. This is going to be on the Big Blue Button so it does require more steps to log into. Below is a presentation on how to get on. Please make sure your student has their camera on for friends to see them. We will just be sharing. I know they will be very excited to see each other.

Big Blue Button: How to Login!

Reminder: When completing assignments on Google Classroom make sure you mark them as turned in. Even if you are sending me a picture on Remind or an email.

Have a marvelous week! 😊 Ms. Gerardo

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Online Learning: Week of 5/18

Good Morning Families,

I have attached the weekly schedule for this week.

Week of 5/18 Schedule

Reminder: When completing assignments on Google Classroom make sure you mark them as turned in. Even if you are sending me a picture on Remind or an email.

I am going to try out Big Blue Button this week with a few students. Hopeful it goes well and we can try one as a whole class next week. I’ll be reaching out to those students/families with more directions as to when and how to log in.

**The next two week are 4 day school weeks because of Memorial Day. We will still put extra activities can do with your student if you’d like.

Thank you again for being so flexible during these times.

Have a fabulous week. Be Safe. 😊 Ms. Gerardo

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Virtual Learning Week of 5/11

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I have attached the weekly schedule for this week.

Week of 5/11 Schedule

Mrs. Muston and I are not assigning points to our assignments. So if you are getting your work returned it means one of us checked it and added a comment. You do not need to resubmit.

Update on Grading: During a staff meeting on Friday, we were told we needed to be grading assignments. Obviously, that looks different in kindergarten. So each week, we are recording the activity in Google Classroom. Ideally, students are completing “all” or “most” of the assignments. But, I also have the choices of “some” or “none” to pick from when recording. I also log in and see who has been working on Zearn and Raz-Kids. With this, it’s really important that you are clicking “turn in” on the assignment even if you are not attaching anything and are sending it to me via email or remind. (Most families are submitting work every week just wanted to give a heads up to those that might forget to send me a picture or forget to click “turn in”.) – This is not to add more stress. Keep doing what your family can do each week.

Reminder: When completing assignments on Google Classroom make sure you mark them as turned in. Even if you are sending me a picture on Remind or an email.

I just want to mention that you are all doing great. Thank you for being so flexible during these times.

Have a fantastic week. Be Safe! 😊 Ms. Gerardo

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Message from PTA

Teacher Appreciation Week Virtual Style 2020

Dear Lindbergh Families, never in a million years would I have thought we would be where we are today….but we are here.  Hopefully all of you are doing well and your students are surviving the home schooling (as well as you).  I know that this time is an unprecedented one and that on a day to day basis we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.  But the one thing that we do have is Hope.  Hope for a better tomorrow.  At times it is difficult to stay positive but our Lindbergh Families are amazing ones.  I have seen so many acts of love and kindness happening continuously in our community and so many others around the world.  My goal is to continue that for our Teacher Appreciation Week.  

Beginning Monday, May 4th- May 8th is Teacher Appreciation Week.  This year we are going to improvise and show our teachers how amazing they truly are.  Often times, we take things for granted….life, toilet paper, clorox wipes, leaving the house, smiles, hugs, friends, family….teachers.  We may have always thought they were amazing, but never truly knew the extent, until we walked a day in their shoes.  And we are really only walking a small path compared to the marathon they are running right now to provide our students with an exemplary online schooling opportunity.  It is an opportunity, even though it may be a challenge, because so many do not have the resources or knowledge that our community has been blessed with.  

Our goal is to show our staff that even in quarantine, they are amazing and we love and appreciate them.  We want them to know their countless hours and challenges overcome, have not gone unnoticed.  We want them to know that their Lindbergh Community supports them no matter what!!! 

Monday through Friday we hope to raffle off at least one donated gift each day.  If anyone has any items they would like to donate please get in touch with me asap.  

Schedule May 4th- May 8th

Monday: “How Does Your Teacher Help Fill Your Mind?”  Send in photos of your students, a pic of a letter/art work/drawing….that shows how your teachers fill your minds.

Wednesday: “How Does Your Teacher Fill Your Heart/Soul?”  Send in a photo of your side walk chalk message to our Lindbergh Staff.

Friday:  E- Gift cards will be sent to all of our staff from the PTA to help fill their bellies.  We will share a special slide show for our students.

“How Can WE Fill Your Bellies?”


Homeroom Parents typically help guide each individual classroom in different activities/gifts/plans, but this year we realize that many families may be on very limited budgets as well as time constraints with our at home schooling.  It will be up to the HRP’s should they choose to do any type of group gift/activity.  We ask that the safety of all parties involved be taken into consideration, as we maintain social distancing, as well as respecting the privacy of our staff.  Things like an e-gift card can easily be sent via email with the staff emails I will provide.  Photos of hand made items or special letters to teachers can also be sent via email.  

Please do not feel limited or obligated during this very difficult time to do anything that your family is not up to.  Our PTA, staff, students and families understand that there are many challenges that vary from family to family and person to person.  Our biggest Hope is that we all remain healthy and safe and are able to return to our Lindbergh Family stronger and more grateful than ever.  Below is a list of names and emails of our Lindbergh Staff for reference.

If you have any questions or need help, please email me at or text at 313-580-8020

Kind Regards, Danielle 

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