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Online Learning: Week 6/1

on June 1, 2020

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a restful weekend. I can’t believe its already June! I have attached the weekly schedule.

Week of 6/1 Schedule

We will have a Big Blue Button hang out again this week. On Wednesday, June 3rd at 1:30pm. Here are the instructions to login. To those who were able to join us last week, thank you. This is still a new site to me and there have been several glitches so thanks for being so flexible.

This is the last week Mrs. Muston and I will create new content for students. Our last week of school is next week and we will just be providing some review material. That being said the last day to turn in assignments for them to count towards the 4th card marking is Friday, June 5th. I mentioned a couple weeks ago that each week, I record the assignments “turned in” on Google Classroom. My options to choose from are “all, most, some or none” of the assignments are being completed. Which will show up on report cards as either Meeting, Progressing or Limited Participation in each subject.

**Last reminder: When completing assignments on Google Classroom make sure you mark them as turned in. Even if you are sending me a picture on Remind or an email.

Have a wonderful week! Stay strong we are almost at the finish line.

Stay safe! 😊 Ms. Gerardo

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