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Virtual Learning Week of 5/11

on May 11, 2020

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I have attached the weekly schedule for this week.

Week of 5/11 Schedule

Mrs. Muston and I are not assigning points to our assignments. So if you are getting your work returned it means one of us checked it and added a comment. You do not need to resubmit.

Update on Grading: During a staff meeting on Friday, we were told we needed to be grading assignments. Obviously, that looks different in kindergarten. So each week, we are recording the activity in Google Classroom. Ideally, students are completing “all” or “most” of the assignments. But, I also have the choices of “some” or “none” to pick from when recording. I also log in and see who has been working on Zearn and Raz-Kids. With this, it’s really important that you are clicking “turn in” on the assignment even if you are not attaching anything and are sending it to me via email or remind. (Most families are submitting work every week just wanted to give a heads up to those that might forget to send me a picture or forget to click “turn in”.) – This is not to add more stress. Keep doing what your family can do each week.

Reminder: When completing assignments on Google Classroom make sure you mark them as turned in. Even if you are sending me a picture on Remind or an email.

I just want to mention that you are all doing great. Thank you for being so flexible during these times.

Have a fantastic week. Be Safe! 😊 Ms. Gerardo

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