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Assessment of skills

Testing skills in PE Class for all grades will start in a couple of weeks.  Students can practice most of their skills at home.  These are the skills that will be tested in each grade:

K, 1st and 2nd grades – overhand throw and skipping  “T”, “L”,  BIG step, turn and throw!

3rd grade – catching fly balls

4th grade – sit and reach flexibility and overhand throw  “T”, “L”, BIG step, turn and throw, tickle!

5th – sit and reach flexibility and batting

4th and 5th grade classes are strongly encouraged to practice their stretching at home every night – just like homework!  The good thing about stretching – you can do it infront of the TV, or whild listening to music or practice with your friends outside on the grass.

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What’s going on!

Fourth and 5th grade classes, and some 3rd grade classes will start their PE class by jogging outside. Even though it might seem longer, they will be jogging the same amount of time outside as inside, PLUS they get to breath fresh air and feel the warm sun!

Please remember that when the PE Classes come outside they are in PE class, not at recess.  When they are jogging on the track – PLEASE STAY OFF THE TRACK – so they don’t jog into you!!  When they are playing on the field, PLEASE KEEP YOUR DISTANCE, so as not to disturb their PE Class activity.  Thanks!

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Well, our second time in the swimming pool has been fun for all!   Students were so excited to get back into the pool again and get swimming.  I hope you all will try to take swimming lessons over at the Civic Center or through the Dearborn Community Education Program.  Michigan has so many bodies of water that it is so important that all children learn to swim.

The Kids Martian Marathon was this past weekend!  What a fun time!  The weather was great – sunny and a little cool.  The 1.2 mile course started with a little hill climb and then around the park, back into the park, up a larger hill, down that hill and then down and around  to the finish line!!!

There were 25 runners from Henry Ford!  Abdo Alasaadi from Mrs. Hammoud’s class came in first place of all of the Henry Ford Runners.  Great Job!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Mrs. Spencer and Ms. McCormick who helped at the race; handing out t-shirts and bandanas, taking pictures, answering questions and getting the runners to the start line.

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Fourth Marking Period!

Well, it’s a new marking period and we will be working on different skills!

K and 2nd – throwing and skipping.

3rd – Catching and throwing and jogging.

4th and 5th – Throwing, catching, batting (5th grade), flexibility stretches and jogging!

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Keep yourself Healthy!


We all want to be as healty as possible, but sometimes we forget that we need to do some things and not do other things for that to happen.  When a person is healthy, they are happy, they are also full of energy!

Check out the site below for lots more information about ways to be and stay healthy, and fun facts about healthy kids AND adults!

Just copy and paste and check it out!


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Jump Rope Tricks!

Hello, all of you jump ropers!!!  In PE class grades 2-5th are jumping rope! It’s a great exercise and all you need is …….a jump rope!  You can get a good plastic rope, like the kind we use in PE class, at the Dollar Tree, for – guess how much???  A DOLLAR!!!

I am sure that many of you want to learn some jump rope tricks.  Welllll…….after you get permission from your parents, go to you tube and type in Basic Jump Rope Tricks with Lauren Matsumoto, she will teach you some easy tricks that are fun to learn!  After you learn and practice the tricks at home –  show me in PE Class!


Happy jumping!

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This is the 2nd week of swimming for the 4th and 5th graders!  The students are working on their front crawl, especially their kick and arm motion. They are also learning how to be safe around water.

This is also the last week of the first marking period!  Wow, that was fast.  Next week begins the 2nd Marking Period and we will be working on:

K – Basketball hand dribble, galloping and Best Effort.

2nd – Basketball, hand dribble, jumping rope and Best Effort.

3rd – Basketball hand dribble, jumping rope and Best Effort.

4th and 5th grades – Basketball hand dribble, jumping rope and Responsibility.

Happy Halloween and Happy November!!!

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Cipriano Run Results

Hello, all!!!

Congratulations all runners who participated in the Annual Robert Cipriano Memorial Run at Ford Field Park in Dearborn this past Monday, October 15, 2018!  The weather was cool, a bit windy and there was lots of sun!  Runners were excited and parents were excited!  Lots of pictures were taken.! I saw sooooo many smiles!!!

We had some runners finish in the top 10 of their grade in the boys and girls divisions:

4th grade:     Narjes  Alnajjar – Mrs.  Brady’s class

Abdullah Alshamiri – Mrs. Brady’s class

5th grade:   Mohammed Salha – Mrs. Beydoun’s class

Last but not least:  The 4th grade boys team came in 3rd place out of all of the schools that participated!!!

I’m so glad we had so many students participate in this event!!!

Thank you to Ms. Beck, Ms. McCormick and Mrs. Spencer who helped organize the runners and cheer them on!!!!


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Cipriano Run on October 15, 2018

The Robert Cipriano Memorial Run will be held on Monday, October 15, 2018.  There are 45 – 4th and 5th grade boys and girls participating this year.  Good Luck runners!

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Have a sunny summer!!!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy summer!  You have homework – PLAY outside every day and BE ACTIVE!!

Try new things: Eat a new fruit or vegetable, grow vegetables, read a book, go to a farmers market and get fresh grown fruits and veggies, go swimming and take swim lessons, read a book, go to the park or the beach, but don’t forget to wear sunscreen!  Go to a Tigers Game! Play beach volleyball, read a book, enter and run in a race, go to a concert in the park, attend a summer festival, read a book, go to Camp Dearborn!

Whatever you do, stay active and I’ll see you in the Fall!

Keep smiling…and have a sunny day!

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