Learning Activities for Monday, April 20

  1. Letter of the week is Bb.

Some words that start with Bb are bird and bike. Can you think of 5 words that start with the letter Bb? Have mom or dad help you write your words and send me a picture of the words you wrote. I can’t wait to see your writing! Then practice writing the uppercase B 5 times and the lowercase b 5 times.

2. Math Activity

Today we’re going to work on some shapes! The three shapes we will look for are square, triangle, and rectangle.

A square has four sides that are the same size and four corners.
A rectangle can be long or tall. It has four sides like a square, but they are not all the same size.

A triangle has three sides and three corners.

First, draw or mark out an area for your child to place items/toys like this:

This example is tape on the floor, but you could draw the shapes on paper or use sidewalk chalk on the driveway as well!

The goal is for your child to go around the house and collect items that are squares, rectangles, and triangles. They can draw pictures if the items are too large or heavy (ex. A door or tv). When they find the items have them say the name and count the sides.

“These blocks are squares. They have 1,2,3,4 sides!”

As they find the shapes and count the sides, have your child place the item in the corresponding shape mat you made like this:

When you’re done send me a picture so I can see all of your shapes.

Below is a shape song.


3. Read Aloud- Owl Babies

After listening to the story, draw a picture of your favorite owl baby. Who is your favorite owl baby? Tell me why the owl is your favorite. Have mom or dad help you write your words. My favorite owl baby is Bill because he is tiny and loves his mommy. Please share your picture with me.

4. Movement Activity

Parent Information and Reminders

  • I am in the process of setting up a video chat for our class so we can all see and talk to each other. Stay tuned for more information!
  • Please be sure to check your email from Epic Books. I signed each child up for a free subscription until June 30. It is a wonderful website with all kinds of audio books, video stories, and more. All you have to do is join by entering a password that you will remember and you will be able to access our class and all the stories.
  • Please be sure to check in with me daily by sending a picture of your child’s work. You may include your child in the photo too! Please send pictures to my email: stawark@dearbornschools.org
  • Here is a resource link for families in need of help:https://www.greatstartwayne.org/findhelp
  • Remember to plan for Work Time (playtime) daily with your child. This should be for an hour each day. This is time set aside each day for your child to play without electronics. Have your child use toys to pretend play, build, and create.

Family Check-Ins

Over the next few days, Ms. Hamid and I are going to be calling to check in with your child and family, so if you get a call from a blocked number it might be us. We started calling families last week, so if you did not receive a call last week, we will be calling you this week. We miss everyone and want to make sure you are all doing ok.

Have a great day!

Mrs. Stawara

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