What a wonderful week! The weather has been beautiful, the buds on the trees are popping out with a spray of color and scents, and we can get outside for walks and bike rides. I hope you are able to enjoy these days.

Most of you have done an amazing job with your work!! Fantastic effort on your part and thanks to your parents for keeping up with the weekly calendar. I hope you are enjoying some of the activities I planned for you.

This week I am integrating WRITING and SCIENCE again. You will be learning about the life cycle of a FROG. I have highlighted the areas that will be graded but I forgot one assignment….

On Thursday- I forgot to highlight the assignment of:

SEND PICTURE OF FROG LIFE CYCLE PROJECT. I will be grading this for both WRITING and Science.


I sure wish we could be together. This is the time of year when I do a lot of growing bean roots in paper towels, watching roots pop out in potatoes in water (and then take them home to plant and harvest in August), and I always have a special day for Mothers and one for Dads. We also catch toads and frogs and study how they are the same and yet different. We make aquariums. I show them where the milkweed leaves are and where to look for the eggs. Then we keep some in my butterfly tents and WATCH. We learn the difference between a cocoon and a chrysalis. and when the butterflies hatch, we celebrate and have a big day of celebration when we release them! I’m so missing these special days together. However, I will keep my faith and trust and I know we’ll be together when it’s the right time.

BIRTHDAYS this week:

5/16- Fatima 5/19-Malak

Apologies to Leya, whose birthday was April 30


Thank you for what you are doing with my kids. I know you didn’t sign up for this…I did. But you’re doing a great job. Some of you have shared your struggles with me and I continue to hold you in my thoughts and prayers during these days. As I said last Spring, during Kindergarten Round Up, I am their teacher for one year-YOU are their teacher for life. How you react and manage things shows your child how to manage life’s hiccups. You’re a great model. You’re doing fine.

Enjoy the week. Remember those next Monday on Memorial Day who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country-their life for our freedom. Maybe make an American Flag and hang it in your window.


Mrs. Smith