Monday, March 16

Good morning everyone! Our online learning officially starts today! I am going to try to explain everything here, so please read through this full post carefully!

Your assignments this week are:
1. A quick survey about online learning- please complete this as soon as possible. I want to get a clear idea about who is accessing the blog and Google classroom! Here is a link to the survey-
It is also on Google Classroom. You only need to complete the survey one time.

2. A CER about the theme in “Nadia the Willful”. (Remember, theme= a life lesson) This is posted on Google Classroom. This is due Sunday, March 22. Please start work on this right away, so you have time to ask us questions if you need help!

3. A Figurative Language Analysis of “Nadia the Willful” This is also posted on Google Classroom and due Sunday, March 22. Again, do not leave this assignment until Sunday! We want to be able to help you if you are stuck πŸ™‚

4. 90% Smart Score on IXL 6th gradeΒ  B1- Match the text evidence to the theme. This is due Sunday, March 22.

5. Read for 20-30 minutes a day!

Here is a link to the text of “Nadia the Willful”: You will need to look at this in order to choose evidence for your CER about the theme of the story.

Contact information for Ms. Irbash and I:
Ms. Irbash’s email:
Ms. Skrbina’s email:

You should be spending about 1 hour each day on Language Arts. I recommend starting with the 2 Google Classroom assignments, and then moving on to IXL and reading when they are finished. We are posting all assignments for the week today so you have time to ask use questions and work through the assignments at your own pace. We are expecting that you begin working on these assignments today or tomorrow- NOT waiting until Sunday!

Please email us if you have any questions!! I know this online learning thing is new to all of us. We are here to help you guys with the assignments πŸ™‚

Stay safe! We miss you so much!


We hope you had a restful and safe weekend!

I’m sure you’re all ready and eager to get back to doing school work πŸ˜‰

As you know, starting Monday we will be assigning some classwork on Google Classroom. We understand that some of you may struggle with reading a little bit, so I am sharing a free extension that you can add to Chrome. This extension will allow it to read text on almost all web pages, even Google Docs. Follow the two steps below to add to your Google Chrome:

Click on the blue button (Add to Chrome)
Click on Add extension. Let it download and viola! Extension added.

Once you download it, there should be a purple puzzle piece at the top right corner of your screen. When you first click on it, you would need to sign in. Use the sign in with Google button. When you need something read, click on the puzzle piece, highlight text you want to be read, and listen.

***If you had a document open before you downloaded the Read Write extension, you may have to refresh the page for it to work.

This video shows how easy it is to use πŸ™‚

I hope this helps! Happy studying!

Dear Hornets,

Hello everyone! Here are a few updates on the current school situation.

During the next 4 weeks, all ELA instruction will be through Google Classroom and IXL. As of now, you can expect 2-3 required assignments per week starting on Monday, March 16th. You will have one full week to turn assignments in. Weekly assignments will be posted on Mondays and due the following Sunday. We will also be updating the blog with announcements about any assignments. Please share this information with any classmates that might not have access to it.

We are pausing work on our ” Nadia the Willful” compare and contrast essay. You do not need to work on this on your own.

If you are concerned about not having access to WiFi, here is a link to a current opportunity for WiFi from Comcast:
Comcast is offering free Internet to families in need.

Any changes or updates to this will be posted on the blog. We miss you all already. Email Ms. Irbash or I with any questions or concerns. Stay safe! We love you!

Thursday, March 12

Hello all!

Today we continued working on our Compare and Contrast Essay. Students chose 2 characters (Nadia, Hamed, or Tarik). They then chose a character trait to describe Character #1, a trait to describe Character #2, and a trait that the two characters have in common.

EXAMPLE: Nadia is wise. Tarik is strict. Nadia and Tarik are both willful.

If you were absent today, please complete page 2 of this document as prewriting:

Here is a link to the outline and drafts for the ENTIRE ESSAY:
Today we only worked on pages 5 and 6 (the graphic organizer for the second body paragraph). This body paragraph is COMPARING 2 characters. We will not start working on the contrast paragraph until Monday.

If you were absent today, please complete the Venn Diagram prewriting AND pages 5-6 of the graphic organizer. Please email me if you have any questions.

Wednesday, March 11


Today we are working on our Compare and Contrast Essay. Here is a copy of the rubric if need a new one:

Students finished typing their introduction paragraphs in class today. IF you did not finish typing, this must be done by tomorrow. The introduction paragraph for this essay is a summary of the story “Nadia the Willful”.

Tomorrow we will begin working on outlining the rest of our essays.

ReadTheory due Friday: Must pass 5 quizzes!

Have a great night!

Friday, March 6

Happy Friday! We made it!!

Today students will finish the final versions of their “Nadia the Willful” plot pyramids. They have been working with a partner on this project since Wednesday, and I am so impressed with the final products! Here is a link to the directions if you did not finish in class and are completing this project at home:

Please sign and return progress reports ASAP! Make sure you are checking grades weekly πŸ™‚

Have a great weekend! Looking forward to our field trip to High Velocity on Monday!

Tuesday, March 3

Hello all!

Today we continued reading “Nadia the Willful” and working on our analysis questions. Here is a copy of the text: and here is a copy of the analysis questions:

If you were absent, you are responsible for completing these!

Students brought home progress reports on Friday. Please sign and return this.

Due Friday: 90% or higher on 2 IXL recommended skills.

WIDA testing begins tomorrow. 6th grade will complete WIDA testing from 8-10:17 on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.