Wednesday, March 20

Hello all!!

Today we worked on Lesson 11 (Analyzing Text Structures) in our workbooks. The independent practice will be due in class tomorrow! The next M-STEP skills assessment will be next Thursday- make sure to turn in any missing assignments and test corrections in before this date. ALL missing work is due next Thursday. The card marking ends on Friday, March 29th!

Please check Student Connect! Make sure to turn in your Text Structure Booklets ASAP. Congratulations to Core 2 for some outstanding work- 6 students in this class impressed me so much with their incredibly detailed text structure books that they received extra credit on the project.

We will have a bellwork quiz on Friday! Review any vocab we have been practicing during bellwork over the past few weeks (emphasize, illustrate, determine, etc.).  You may use your 4Square during the quiz.

Money for yearbooks is due this Friday, March 22nd. Please bring this in to your A2 teacher.



Thursday, March 14

Good evening Hornet families!

Today we finished our rotations for the context clues lesson. Students who did not finish the homework must complete it at home and turn in tomorrow.

We also passed back tests for students to do test corrections. ALL students must complete corrections. The test is a huge part of your grade! Doing the test corrections will improve your grade significantly.

Last thing we did today is meeting with book club groups and completing a character project. If students were not done, they should have taken it home for homework. Also due tomorrow.

Have a great rest of your night! See you tomorrow!

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Friday, March 8

Happy Friday!

Today we continued to practice summarizing and theme.

Students should complete the following Theme Review for homework: Theme Review

Our next Skills Assessment is on Tuesday, March 12.  This will over the following topics:

  1. Inferring with Literature (fiction)
  2. Character Development
  3. Theme
  4. Summarizing Literature

Please make sure you have turned in all workbook assignments from this unit.  Use your workbook to review and prepare! We will complete an in-class review on Monday as well.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

Wednesday, February 6

Hello all!!

Today’s homework was the Independent Practice for the Summarizing Literature lesson in student workbooks.  This is due tomorrow (March 7). This assignment will help prepare students for our next Skills Assessment, which will be next Tuesday.

Next Tuesday’s assessment will cover the following:

-Inferring with Literary Text (fiction)
-Character Traits and Character Development in Literary Text
-Theme in Literary Text
-Summarizing Literary Text

Use your workbook to prepare! We will be practicing in class over the next several days 🙂

Tuesday, February 5

Good evening!

We know that every Monday and Tuesday we usually have M-step practice in our workbooks. This week however we did not, so students do not have homework on it. We will work on summarizing literary text tomorrow. Expect homework then 🙂

Today we continued to read our book club books. Students got a new set of questions to go with their books. These are due next Tuesday!

Have a great rest of your night!

Thursday, February 28


Today we completed the Reading portion of WIDA.  Tomorrow morning will be spent completing the Writing portion of WIDA.

Today we continued practicing conjunctions (FANBOYS) and preparing for Book Club. We also wrote a compare and contrast piece about a short story named “King Alfred”.  Please complete this for homework if not finished in class 🙂

Have a great night!

Wednesday, February 27

Good evening everyone!

Today some students started the listening portion of the WIDA test. Tomorrow is the reading portion of the WIDA.

In class, we are continuing to practice skills for M-Step. Students need to check their grades constantly and see what they have missing. If they have any low scores on any of the lessons, students should make corrections.

If you have not turned in your progress report, please do so as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Have a great rest of your night!

Monday, February 25


Students all took home progress reports today.  These must be signed and returned this week! Students will receive 2 extra points for turning it in tomorrow, and full credit for turning it in Wednesday.  Students will receive partial credit if they turn it in Thursday or later.

Today we worked on analyzing character development in literary text! Students need to complete pages 66-68 in their workbooks for homework tonight.  PLEASE make sure you are reading the entire text and taking your time with these questions. Remember to take advantage of the opportunity to correct any of these assignments.  You have unlimited opportunities to correct your work when you get it back. There is no reason to not earn 100% on all of your workbook activities 🙂

6th grade starts WIDA testing on Wednesday and will complete this in the morning Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  The speaking portion of the test will be completed next week.

Also- Your new Book Club jobs will be due this Thursday in preparation for our second Book Club on Friday!! Make sure you know what your assignment is. Your Book Club is counting on you to be prepared 🙂