Wednesday, May 22

Good evening!

This week we continued reading City of Ember and completed setting cards. Tomorrow we will have a short quiz for chapters 1-5. Students should have taken home a study guide to help them know what to study/look for. Some questions do not have a right or wrong answer. They require students to make inferences and predictions based off of what they read.

Friday May 24 and Monday May 27 are no school days. Enjoy the long weekend!

Friday, May 17

Hi everyone!

We are so proud and impressed of your growth on NWEA! You guys are all unstoppable!

This week we started reading City of Ember. We have read The Instructions and Chapters 1-2. I am including a link to the YouTube channel with the audio- if you ever miss a class period of reading, you are responsible for listening to the chapters you missed and answering the questions that you missed.

City of Ember Audio

Instructions and Chapter 1 Questions

Chapter 2 Questions

Students were also given back rubrics with their scores for their Compare/Contrast Essay. Please complete corrections this weekend to turn back in next week if you would like to improve your score.

Have a great weekend 🙂

Friday, May 10

Happy Friday!

We finish up a week of hard work reviewing for NWEA. I am excited to see all of you show how much you have grown next week!

Important dates:

ELA NWEA (Reading and Language) will be on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week.

Math NWEA will be on Thursday and Friday next week.

Science NWEA will be the following week (May 20th and 21st).

Make sure to get a good night of sleep and come prepared to show off everything you know 🙂

Suggestions for additional review this weekend:
1. ReadTheory
2. Prep Dog NWEA Practice Questions

Next week we will be starting to read City of Ember after NWEA! Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, May 1

Happy May!

Today we learned about fables and spent time working on compare/contrast essays.

Tall Tale CER and Fable CER have been completed in class, and these are homework if they weren’t completed.

Compare and Contrast essays are due on Google Classroom tomorrow!! We have access to all of your essays on Google Classroom-you do not need to bring in a paper copy. Have a family member read over your essay tonight to make sure that it is perfect!

Tomorrow we are starting M-STEP. Students will be testing ELA M-STEP all morning. Please get a good night of sleep and come ready to show what you know 🙂 I am so confident in all of you. You are such hard workers and are going to rock this test!!

Winners of the M-STEP prep Iditarod will be celebrating with a pizza party on Friday!!

Have a good night 🙂

Tuesday April 30

Hello families!

Today we continued practicing genres (realistic fiction and fantasy). We also learned about adding details to our reasoning sentences. Don’t forget that the compare and contrast essays are due Thursday May 2!!

Students brought home permission slips for a movie night that team 6A will be hosting. We will start at 3:05 and end at 5:30. Students are allowed to bring pillows and blankets and snacks. Students may not enter the team room unless they have the permission slip signed. Please be aware that if a student is misbehaving and not following rules they will be asked to leave and will need to be picked up. The last day to turn in permission slips is this Thursday May 2. Thank you!

Have a great rest of your night!

Monday, April 29


Students spent today reviewing genres of fiction, evaluating the quality of topic sentences, and working on their compare/contrast essays.  Typed final drafts of your essays are due Thursday, May 2nd.

Upcoming dates-

6th grade MSTEP will be Thursday, May 2nd and Friday, May 3rd.

The PBIS recess reward is Friday, May 3rd.

We will be taking NWEA Reading and Language Usage in ELA on May 13, 14, and 15.

Friday, April 19

Hello all!

First up- student Book Club Final Projects were due on Friday. I am SO impressed by some of the creative projects- we have some extremely detailed board games, extra chapters for books, dioramas, and dictionaries full of new words.  If you did not turn your project in on Friday it can still be turned in, but will lose points for being late. Make sure you get it in on Monday 🙂

On Monday we will start outlining for our upcoming compare/contrast essay. Students will complete the following evidence collector in preparation for this.

Compare/Contrast Essay Evidence Collector

Feel free to reread Yeh-Shen and Sootface in preparation for this as well.

Yeh-Shen Text

Sootface Text

Other dates to note-
1. Our next workbook Skills Assessment will be next Friday, April 26th.  This will cover word choice, mood, tone, poem structure, story structure, and point of view in literary text.
2. 6th grade M-STEP will be taken on May 2nd and May 3rd.
3. The next PBIS reward will be in the afternoon of May 3rd after our last day of M-STEP.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, April 17

Hello Hornet families!

This week we are continuing M-step practice and we are starting a new story tomorrow. The story is similar to Yeh-Shen and Cinderella. We will be working towards writing a compare and contrast essay next week.

Monday and Tuesday we completed two new lessons from the workbook. Students MUST turn the homework in to earn credit. Many of the students have zeros because the work was not turned. Students need to be responsible and make sure they turn in their homework.

There will be no school this Friday!

Enjoy the rest of your night. See everyone tomorrow!

Happy Spring Break!

I hope all spring breaks have been off to a wonderful start! A few announcements to keep in mind:

  1. Students received their Unit 3 Skills Assessment back on Friday. Please complete corrections over spring break.
    Corrections Form
  2. On Friday in class we completed the following foreshadowing assignment with Lob’s Girl. Foreshadowing in Lob’s Girl
  3. Students are encouraged to complete Lob’s Girl extra credit over break.  This is due on Wednesday, April 10th.  The assignment is linked below.  The final project should be neat and detailed 6th grade quality work.  Please check past blog posts to find the link to the text of Lob’s Girl and the audio.
    1. Lob’s Girl Extra Credit
  4. Students received a yellow paper in A2 that explains the upcoming state testing in April (PSAT for 8th grade and M-STEP for 6th-8th grade).  Please make sure you read over this information carefully!
  5. If you are looking for additional practice over spring break please utilize MobyMax or ReadTheory! You can also look over the slides for practice with some new types of figurative language that we will explore after break. Figurative Language

Have a wonderful and SAFE break! I look forward to seeing you all in a week 🙂

Tuesday, March 26

Today we finished Lob’s Girl! The exciting ending took us right up until the end of class 🙂 If you missed today, please finish the story at home.

Lob’s Girl Text

Lob’s Girl Audio

Tomorrow we will be reviewing for our 3rd M-STEP skills assessment.  This test will be on Thursday, March 26th and will cover the following skills:
1. Using context clues to figure out difficult words
2. Analyzing text structures
3. Analyzing author’s Point of View

Please check that you have completed lessons 10, 11, and 12 in your workbooks and turned these in.  This is the best preparation for your test.  We will continue to review through stations tomorrow in class!

Have a great night!