Tuesday, January 15

Today we learned about the 3 different parts of a strong introduction paragraph. Students took notes and practiced labelling and grading example introductions.

Introduction Examples

Introduction Notes

We also worked on vocabulary from the story Nadia the Willful. We are going to read this story in class next week. Students are creating a Vocabulary Book with the words from this story. This book is due on Friday, January 18th.  Below are directions and the words with definitions.

Frayer Model Book Project

Students will also have a midterm study guide due this FRIDAY before the ELA midterm.  Please go over the concepts and definitions in this study guide and ask for help if you need it!!

ELA Midterm Study Guide


Wednesday, January 9

Hello all!! We have been busy practicing types of conflict since returning from break.

A few ELA updates:

  1. Students started Reading NWEA today.  They will finish this text tomorrow. Each student has a personal goal score that they are striving to reach. Please make sure to get a good night of sleep and come prepared to do your best! I am excited to see you all improve!
  2. We are having a retake for the CER Common Assessment tomorrow after school! Any student may attend if they would like to bring their grade up.
  3. The 6th grade ELA Midterm will be on Friday, January 18th.  This midterm will cover the following:
    1. Parts of Plot
    2. Author’s Purpose
    3. Types of Conflict
    4. Figurative Language and Connotation
    5. Parts of Speech

The midterm will cover material from the beginning of the year! We will discuss this further in class.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Happy Break!!

We hope that you all have a safe and wonderful break! Enjoy your time relaxing with friends and family.

If you would like to practice or review over break, here are a few suggestions:

1. Prep Dog is a website to practice reading skills with 6th grade level questions: http://www.prepdog.org/6th/grade_6_rd._basic_6.htm
2. Read Theory is another website for practicing reading skills with leveled questions: https://readtheory.org
3. Read books that you enjoy!!
Remember, NWEA starts on our first day back from break. We will take Language NWEA on Monday and Tuesday.  Reading NWEA will be Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
Please be safe during this holiday break. We love you and will see you in 2019! 🙂

Monday, December 17

Happy Monday all!

Here is a link to the notes we took today on types of conflict. You need to be using your Dearborn schools email to have access to this.

Types of Conflict Notes

Tomorrow (Tuesday, December 18) is the Author’s Purpose retake after school! Feel free to come if you would like to try to bring up your score on the Author’s Purpose quiz.

Review with our Author’s Purpose Notes:

Author’s Purpose Notes

Later this week we will have another summative CER assessment in class. You can review your CER notes to prepare for this. You will be reading a short text and writing a CER response to it- very similar to what we have done many times in class 🙂 I am confident you will all do great on this!


Sunday, December 16


I hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

One more week before winter break! WOOP WOOP!

Just a quick reminder of upcoming dates:

  • Tuesday, December 18 is the author’s purpose test retake. The retake will be after school.
  • Wednesday, December 19 is the PBIS Minute to Win it Games. You need 1 full card to participate!
  • Friday, December 21 field trip to the Henry Ford Museum and the last day of school before break!!!!

Have a great rest of your evening! See you tomorrow!!


Wednesday, December 12

Hello all!

We have had a busy week reading and writing! Students created some beautiful posters that showed everything we have learned about CERs so far on Monday and Tuesday that I can’t wait to hang up in our halls!

Next week the 6th grade will have a CER Common Assessment where students will be asked to read a short passage and write a CER. Our students have been preparing for this for several weeks. You can continue to practice and prepare by reviewing your CER notes and practicing writing CERs using any journal texts or articles from class.

Our root word this week is uni, which means one. Students will have a bellwork quiz this Friday that goes over this root.

A few announcements:

-Next TUESDAY, December 18th we will have an Author’s Purpose quiz retake after school. It will be in the same format as our first quiz, but it will be using different examples.
-Next WEDNESDAY, December 19th is the 6th grade PBIS Minute to Win It assembly! Students need 10 Hornet Pride points (1 full card) to participate.
-Next FRIDAY, December 21st is the Henry Ford Museum field trip.

Please remember to check Student Connect to make sure you have no missing work! Have a wonderful evening!

Friday, November 30

Happy Friday!

Today we are continuing to practice identifying author’s purpose in a text and writing powerful CERs.

Students have practiced writing a CER in a small group setting several times over the past few weeks. They are also continuing to practice this skill in their journals.

Next week we will have an Author’s Purpose quiz on TUESDAY, December 4th. Students will be given a few text passages and be asked to identify the purpose (persuade, inform, or entertain) and justify their choice.  They should be reviewing the Clue Words they have collected in their notebooks as well as the text examples of persuade, inform, and entertain that we have used.

This is an additional practice that students can use:

Author’s Purpose Practice

Have a good weekend!