Friday, September 13

Happy Friday the 13th!

Yesterday and today our focus in class has been making inferences and using evidence to support our inferences. Today we practiced making inferences with pictures, and we are getting ready to up the difficulty level and work with longer texts next week.

We also completed our first weekly Friday Check In quiz this week. These check-ins are an opportunity for students to reflect on their progress and see how confident they are with our learning targets- and to see where they still need help!

If you have not turned in your Summer Learning summary and image collage, please make sure that you bring it in by Monday.

Enjoy your weekend! Relax and read your good fit book! 🙂

Tuesday, September 3

Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful long weekend.

We will be completing NWEA testing in ELA this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Students will be taking the Reading and Language Usage tests.

The summer learning book talk is now due on Wednesday, September 11th. Below is a link describing the assignment.

Remember to bring in your signed syllabus this week! 🙂