Friday, March 27

Happy Friday everyone!

Today is the last day of Card Marking 3. Can you believe it?! 6th grade is 3/4 of the way finished. If you completed any missing IXL or ReadTheory please remember to email me. I will not check if you don’t let me know. You can also send in pictures of any late work to Ms. Irbash or me.

This week’s homework:
1. Text Structure Sort on Google Classroom 

2. Text Structure CERs on Google Classroom are due Sunday, March 29. 

3. Online 4Square is due Sunday, March 29. 

4. IXL is due Sunday, March 29. Complete IXL 6th grade D4: Identify Text Structures. Earn 90% or higher. If this is difficult, try 5th grade D5 or 4th grade D5 to practice the same skill.

Email us with any questions. Please make sure you have all 4 assignments finished by Sunday! I am really happy with the writing I have been checking so far on your Text Structure CERs. You guys are making us so proud!

Have a wonderful weekend with family. You are all constantly on our minds and we hope you are staying safe and doing kind things for your families.

Wednesday, March 25

Good morning Hornets!

Reminder about this week’s due dates:
1. Text Structure Sort on Google Classroom is due TODAY, Wednesday, March 25 at 11:59 pm.
2. Text Structure CERs on Google Classroom are due Sunday, March 29
3. Online 4Square is due Sunday, March 29
4. IXL is due Sunday, March 29. Complete IXL 6th grade D4: Identify Text Structures. Earn 90% or higher. If this is difficult, try 5th grade D5 or 4th grade D5 to practice the same skill.
***Please note: IXL uses the word “sequential” to describe chronological structure. They both mean the same thing! A text that is describing events or steps in time order using transitions like “Next”, “After that”, or using dates.

PS. For anyone looking for an interesting new fact today, here is one I just learned… The first event in the first ever Olympics (in ancient Greece in 776 BCE) was a race, similar to what we see at track meets today! Can anyone guess what the second oldest sport was?

As always, email us with any questions! Miss you all!

Monday, March 23

Hello everyone!
Here is the schedule for your ELA assignments this week:

All Week: Read for 15 minutes at least 4 days this week! Complete the Online 4Square. This is an assignment in Google Classroom. If you do not have a book at home, please click on the link on the 1st page of your 4Square assignment. It will take you to a website called Epic that has tons of books you can read online for free! Even Diary of a Wimpy Kid…I checked 🙂

1. Read over Text Structure Notes or watch the 3 videos on Google Classroom (Text Structure Notes Part 1 and 2 and The 5 Types of Text Structure).
2. Complete Text Structure Sort – This is an assignment in Google classroom. The assignment also includes a video with directions.

1. Complete IXL 6th grade D4: Identify Text Structures. Earn 90% or higher. If this is difficult, try 5th grade D5 or 4th grade D5 to practice the same skill.
2. Complete Text Structure CERs. This is an assignment in Google Classroom. The assignment also includes a video where I explain the directions and show you how to answer the 1st question.

The Text Structure Sort is due WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25. 

The Online 4Square, Text Structure CERs, and IXL are due SUNDAY, MARCH 29th. However, you can turn them in as soon as you are finished 🙂

The END OF CARD MARKING 3 is Friday, March 27. That means if you have any missing work from when we were in school, you have this week to email it to me! Check your grades and make sure you know what is coming. If you need a copy of an old assignment, please email me and I can send it to you.

Email us with any questions! 

End of Week 1

Dear students and families,

Thank you for all of your hard work during our first week of online learning. I know that this week has been crazy and difficult, and we are proud of your focus and perseverance. I want to take a moment and clarify our expectations for online work.

Our expectation is that you complete all assignments from all 4 classes each week. After the statement made by MDE, these assignments will not recorded as a score (meaning you earn a score showing how many you got right and wrong). However, we will be continuing to send you your scores on Google Classroom so that you can see how you are progressing, and so that we have these grades ready if the state expectation changes. All assignments will still be recorded for completion (if you did the work or not).

All Week 1 Online assignments are due today at the end of the day! This includes the “Nadia the Willful” theme CER, “Nadia the Willful” Figurative Language Activity, and IXL 6th Grade B1- Match the Quote to the Theme (get a 90% or higher- if this is difficult, move down a grade level or 2 and try 5th grade B1 or 4th grade B1). I will post all assignments for Week 2 TOMORROW MORNING (Monday, March 23).

We do not want you guys to fall behind when we return to school! Take opportunities every day to make sure you are taking ownership of your own learning and challenging yourself to grow. There are so many things you can do after your assignments to make sure you are still pushing your brain to grow! Read books, teach yourself to draw, try to invent a new game, challenge yourself to write a story! (If you do any of these…I’d love to hear about it!)

You guys are the best part of our jobs. We are proud of the work you have put in all year, and this week especially. During the crazy events in our world this week, it warmed my heart to see you guys continuing to work hard and put forward your best work. Special shoutout to those students that completed the extra credit! 🙂

Stay safe and take care! As always, email us with any questions or concerns!

Final Chromebook Sign Out

Good evening! For those families who have not picked up a Chromebook from Woodworth, the final Chromebook sign out time is Monday, March 23 fro 8:30-10:00 AM. This is for all grades. It will be a drive through process off of Hubbard facing Greenfield (Door #7).

Please see Woolworth’s blog for more details/updates! Here is the link:

Stay safe and take care <3

Assignment Reminders

Good morning and happy Thursday!!

This is a reminder of the 3 assignments for this week, all due on SUNDAY:

1. Nadia the Willful Theme CER (on Google Classroom)
2. Figurative Language in Nadia the Willful Activity (on Google Classroom)
3. IXL 6th Grade B1- Match the Quote to the Theme (get a 90% or higher- if this is difficult, move down a grade level or 2 and try 5th grade B1 or 4th grade B1)

IF you are all done, here is the week’s BONUS ASSIGNMENT.

1. Watch this video:
2. Find as many examples of figurative language as you can! For each one you find, write down what you heard and the TYPE of figurative language (You can use this link for help You can write it on a piece of paper and email me a picture, or type it on a Google doc and send me the doc. I will do the first one for you:
Example: “By behaving like a babbling bumbling band of baboons” is an example of alliteration and simile.

The student who finds the most correct examples earns extra credit on Card Marking 3! I will say no more… 🙂

Chromebook Troubleshooting

If you have checked out a school Chromebook and are having issues connecting try the steps listed below.

1. Turn off the Chromebook (holding the power button is okay)

2. Turn the Chromebook back on.

3. Connect to your home WiFi.

4. You should see a screen that says “Sign in to your Chromebook”. Leave the Chromebook on this screen for 5-10 minutes.

5. Restart the Chromebook again.

إذا قمت بسحب جهاز كمبيوتر محمول في المدرسة وكنت تواجه مشكلات في الاتصال ، فجرّب الخطوات الواردة أدناه.

  1. قم بإيقاف تشغيل الكمبيوتر المحمول (مع الاستمرار في الضغط على زر الطاقة)
  2. أعد تشغيل الكمبيوتر المحمول.
  3. الاتصال بشبكة واي فاي منزلك.
  4. يجب أن تشاهد شاشة تقول “تسجيل الدخول إلى الكمبيوتر المحمول”. اترك الكمبيوتر المحمول على هذه الشاشة لمدة 5-10 دقائق.
  5. أعد تشغيل الكمبيوتر المحمول مرة أخرى.

**ALSO: The Chromebook may not work for the first 24-48 hours due to the Computer Dept needing to reconfigure the Chromebook to work outside of school. Don’t worry if this is happening! Try again the next day and the day after.

Tuesday, March 17

Good morning Hornets!

Awesome job yesterday! So many of you made us really proud with your great start to the online school week 🙂 I wanted to comment on a few things…

1. If you wrote a question on the survey, I emailed you with a response! Make sure you are checking your school email

2. When you complete the “Nadia the Willful” theme CER on Google Classroom, make sure you are using correct CER format. If you need help on the assignment, here is an example theme CER and a list of CER sentence stems. I wrote this example about the story “The Tricky Monkey”, but you are writing about “Nadia the Willful”! Look at the example for help, and you can borrow sentence stems from the example. 

3. I also attached slides that review figurative language! Please refer to these to help you on Assignment #2.

I will always post announcements on both Google Classroom and the blog. Continue to email us with questions! Remember you also have IXL B1 due this week!

I hope you are all staying safe and finding time to enjoy being with your families. I miss you all!

Monday, March 16

Good morning everyone! Our online learning officially starts today! I am going to try to explain everything here, so please read through this full post carefully!

Your assignments this week are:
1. A quick survey about online learning- please complete this as soon as possible. I want to get a clear idea about who is accessing the blog and Google classroom! Here is a link to the survey-
It is also on Google Classroom. You only need to complete the survey one time.

2. A CER about the theme in “Nadia the Willful”. (Remember, theme= a life lesson) This is posted on Google Classroom. This is due Sunday, March 22. Please start work on this right away, so you have time to ask us questions if you need help!

3. A Figurative Language Analysis of “Nadia the Willful” This is also posted on Google Classroom and due Sunday, March 22. Again, do not leave this assignment until Sunday! We want to be able to help you if you are stuck 🙂

4. 90% Smart Score on IXL 6th grade  B1- Match the text evidence to the theme. This is due Sunday, March 22.

5. Read for 20-30 minutes a day!

Here is a link to the text of “Nadia the Willful”: You will need to look at this in order to choose evidence for your CER about the theme of the story.

Contact information for Ms. Irbash and I:
Ms. Irbash’s email:
Ms. Skrbina’s email:

You should be spending about 1 hour each day on Language Arts. I recommend starting with the 2 Google Classroom assignments, and then moving on to IXL and reading when they are finished. We are posting all assignments for the week today so you have time to ask use questions and work through the assignments at your own pace. We are expecting that you begin working on these assignments today or tomorrow- NOT waiting until Sunday!

Please email us if you have any questions!! I know this online learning thing is new to all of us. We are here to help you guys with the assignments 🙂

Stay safe! We miss you so much!