Zoom Meeting Tomorrow (9/2)

Hi everyone! I loved reading all about everyone that turned in their All About Me on Schoology!! I love learning more about all of my students! 😀

Tomorrow, Wednesday (9/2), we will try our first Zoom meeting! Our meeting will start at 9:00 am and go until around 10:00 am.

Watch this video to help you learn how to get to our Zoom meetings on Schoology. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N11Qe9QhCA7T6K2pmBwqGjLGxM27Bzdi/view?usp=sharing

Tuesday (9/1) Work

Happy second day of school!! Today we are going to practice going to Schoology.

Schoology is going to be where all our classwork, homework, and Zoom meetings will take place. Please look at the document below to help you log into to Schoology.

Today is our practice day for schoology, so it is ok if you don’t get everything done. Watch this video on how to get to Tuesday’s assignments.



Please fill out the Google Form again by answering the questions. This will be your attendance for the day.

Make sure you are logged into your dearborn schools account: ______@dearbornschools.org


First Day of School Assignment


I know this is different than any other first days of school you have had before, but we are still going to have a GREAT year together!

Your first 2nd grade assignment is letting me know how you feel about virtual school right now. It is so important to me to know how you are feeling, whether you are happy, sad, nervous, excited, or ALL OF THEM!

Look over these slides on emotions and then do the activity at the very end! I can’t wait to see everyone’s drawings and sentences when we finally meet on Zoom!

Thursday, 6/11

iReady Diagnostic: All students must complete the iReady diagnostic test by today at 11:30!! Student’s need to to go to Clever and then iReady. Remind students to take their time and please let them do this on their own.

I cannot believe that this is our last day of school together! I hope everyone has a fantastic summer!

Important iReady Test

Please complete the IReady diagnostic test as soon as possible. The testing window is only open during regular school hours 8:30-3:30. You cannot take the test after 3:30 today and it is due tomorrow by 11:30 as that is our last official day of school.

Please continue to complete lessons on Zearn too!

Tuesday 6/9

I can’t believe we are in the very last week of school! I know we are all excited about summer starting but this week’s iReady diagnostic is VERY important. All student’s must go on iReady and complete the diagnostic! Encourage your child to take their time with this.

Today is when I will be dropping off the End of the Year gifts! I will be placing them by your front door between 3PM-4PM. I will know to let you know I dropped it off but we will not have any contact. Please email me if you would prefer me to drop it off in another location. 😊