homework due Monday 11-28

On a separate sheet of paper, create a real estate advertisement to encourage people to move to one of the Sumerian city-states. Include the following:

*A clever title for the advertisement, to catch the reader’s eye. Be sure it includes the words Sumerian City-State.

*At least three illustrations representing the ideas the Sumerians came up with to solve key problems.

*A caption for each visual that describes the solution and why it helped make this sumerian city-state a desirable place to live.

11-11-16 – For the next test

Here are some of the things that will be on the Test Friday

Give a short explanation of how civilizations developed in the Neolithic Age.

How did people in the Paleolithic Age get their food?

The Neolithic Age ended about 3000 BCE with the discovery of how to…

What change began the Neolithic Age, about 8000 BCE.

Why was the fertile Crescent the site of many early settlements?

What was the greatest benefit to people when early farmers began to raise plants and animals.

One animal that was domesticated mainly for meat and milk was the

Archaeologists have found houses in which the doorways were built high up on the walls.  What was the most likely reason for this?

Why did people in the Neolithic Age live together in larger groups, compared with earlier times?

What was on of the most important advances in human development

how did dividing up the work help communities produce more to meet their needs

Archaeologists have found decorated pottery and polished stones.  what does this suggest about Neolithic people

what is the best title for these words: Spinners, weavers, basket makers, toolmakers?

Why did Neolithic people trade?

How did trade help Neolithic people make stronger tools

If you were a Neolithic trader, what would most likely happen as you traveled and traded?

Paleolithic Age

Neolithic Age






Fertile Crescent

How did the development of agriculture change daily life in the Neolithic Age.  Give at least three ways.

Test Thursday

Hello class! As you continue to study for the upcoming test Thursday, I made a fun matching game that will help you remember some important things that are on the test.

To make it more challenging, I set a time limit of two minutes to match all of the items. Try your best to match as many definitions as you can. If you get three wrong, you’ll have to start over. To start over and try again, just press the play button. Keep trying and see if you can get them all correct!

Mr. Serazio – Ancient History – Chapters 1 & 2 Matching Game