Extra Credit Paragraph – Due Friday, March 31

Beloved military history-buffs,

Choose one of the following prompts to respond to for a total of 5 POSSIBLE extra credit points. 

Prompt 1

Mohamad has a big group project due in 2 weeks, and he has been partnered up with a classmate that he has never gotten along with. What advice could you give him for his project based on what you learned about facing challenges from studying the Persian Wars?

Prompt 2

Think of a real-life or imaginary challenge that you have. Create a plan to overcome this challenge using the lessons you learned from the Persian Wars. Make sure you say specifically which battles and leaders gave you each idea.


Use as many different specific battles and leaders as you can to support your advice. For your last sentence, explain how studying history can help us in life.

These extra credit points will be added on to another assignment which you already turned in. The best one from your class will receive 5 points, but all submissions will receive some extra credit points.


This is a list of all of the Objectives. You will get scored for how many of these you have completed and labelled. Keep up the great work! 

1: Write about a time you or someone you love faced a challenge no one thought could be overcome.

2: Complete the map of Persian Empire and Greece.

3: Describe 3 Things about the Persian Empire

4: Character Profile Sheet

5: Summary of Ionian Revolt

6: Ancient Greek Avatar

7: Journal Entry after reading letter

8: Advantages and Disadvantages of Greece and Persian military T Chart

9: Diagram of Battle of Marathon

10: Summary of Battle of Marathon

11: Avatar letter after Battle of Marathon

12: Answer: How did King Xerxes get his troops over water? Complete sentence

13: Tombstone Epitaph for King Leonidas

14: Summary of Battle of Thermopylae

15: Describe 1 battle or leader and explain what it teaches you about facing challenges (2
complete sentences).

16: Diagram of the Battle of Thermopylae

17: Summary of the Battle of Salamis

18: Answer: How did the Greeks win the Battle of Salamis?

19: Describe ANOTHER battle or leader and explain what it teachese you about facing challenges (2 complete sentences).

20: Finish sentence stems: Xerxes is…              Persians retreating, Greeks winning                        My avatar feels ___ because ____.

21: Summary of the Battle of Plateau


Sparta/Athens Poem Outline

For your Sparta/Athens poem, please do either a man from Sparta AND a man from Athens or you can do a woman from Sparta AND a woman from Athens. You make create your own poems or you may use the outline provided and fill in the rest. Once completed, on the reverse side of the paper draw a man or woman(whichever you chose) from each city to match your poem.

The Women of Sparta and Athens

I am a woman of _______.

As a child, I was taught to


My job is to ___________.

I will never ____________.

I feel so _______________,

because ______________.

I am a ___________ of ___.


The Men of Sparta and Athens

I am a man of _______.

As a child, I was taught to


My job is to ___________.

I will serve Athens by ________.

I feel so _______________,

because ______________.

I am a ___________ of ___.


This will be due Tuesday, March 14 2017. Make it look nice and legible.