things on the Egypt test

Why is king tut one of the most well known pharaohs?

In what form did many farmers pay their taxes

what was a mojor purpose for building the pyramids

what is one characteristic for which egypt’s middle kingdom is especially famous

which period is often called the golden age of egypt

30 point essay – what was daily life like in ancient egypt

What was one method khufu used to ensure that his power would be accepted

senusret I controlled a source of natural resources that were used in beautiful works of art – what was that source

why did archaelolgists reconstruct the white chapel

hatshepsut was the first pharaoh who was

which phrase best describes hatshepsut’s monument at dayr al-bahri

who signed the worlds first peace treaty


social class






ramses II

who built the giant temples of the pharaohs

compared with any other pharaoh in history ramses II produced more…

which jobs were only permitted only to men

how did most government officials get their jobs

what was an important duty of the vizier

what was the role of women in religion?

what was in the sanctuary of a temple

why did egyptians bury some bread and beer with their dead

what was one of the few ways that a boy form a peasant family could rise to a higher social class

why did it take many years to become a scribe

what was papyrus made from

how does the work of ancient egyptian artisans help us learn today about life in ancient egypt

in the life of a peasant which season came next after flooding season

where did most peasants live in

put the six social classes in ancient egypt in order