Chapter 1 & 2 Test – Wednesday, Nov. 4th

Update: Chapter 1 & 2 Test will be on Wednesday, November 4th. We were supposed to have it on Tuesday, but we don’t have school on Tuesday 🙂

Here are some other questions that will be on the test:

  • What advantage over previous hominid groups did the invention of the spear thrower give to early modern humans?
  • Reading: I will have a MEAP-type reading section about Louis and Mary Leakey on the test.  You will have to read the section then answer three questions. The questions are:
    • Who paid for much of the Leakey’s work?
    • What did Mary Leakey realize about the footprints that made them really exiting?
    • What have new findings shown about the early interpretations of hominid remains?
  • Matching: The last group of questions will be matching the characteristic to the hominid group. Remember, the 5 hominid groups are:
    • Australopithecus (Lucy’s)
    • Homo Habilis
    • Homo Erectus
    • Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis
    • Homo Sapiens Sapiens

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